The most absurd and misunderstood lyrics of all time (2023)


Picture this: you are outside, watching your favorite band with a group of friends. It's time for your music. You belt out the texts and look at your best friend for that perfect bonding moment, only to see a confused look in her eyes. "What about you?" You say. At this point you realize that the rest of the crowd is singing something completely different. Could it be that you've misunderstood the words all this time?

You are not alone friend, but we are here to help. We've rounded up some common, ridiculous and obscure misinterpreted lyrics to avoid red faces at the festival.

Oasis - Wonderwall'

Hopefully Aunt G kept her insurance up to date.

Misinterpreted text:"Back Beat is the news on the street that your aunt's house is on fire"

correct letter:"Back Beat spreads the word on the street that the fire in your heart is out"

Jason Derulo - "Do you love me?'

Poor Jase, he clearly needs some Imodium.

Misinterpreted text:"I have poop on the floor"

correct letter:"I have the sheets on the floor"

Sinead O'Connor - “Nothing compares to 2U'

Who doesn't want? A red sarong is the must-have dinner outfit.

Misinterpreted text:"I can dine in an elegant red sarong"


correct letter: "I can have dinner in a fancy restaurant"

Nancy Sinatra-'Jackson'

The band name itself is a misunderstood lyric from Nancy Sinatra's "Jackson". The perfect example of admitting your mistakes.

Misinterpreted text:"We marry a fever hotter than a ready-made cocoon"

correct letter:"We marry a fever hotter than a spicy bud"

Madonna – “Erotics'

Who knew Britain's favorite twitcher was such a dirty little bird?

Misinterpreted text:"Bill Oddie, Bill Oddie, put your hands all over my body."

correct letter:"Erotic, erotic, put your hands all over my body."

Kings of Leon – „Sex on Fire“'

From the preliminary round to the word game. This one is fun on so many levels.

Misinterpreted text:"Dyslexic on Fire"

correct letter:"Your sex is on fire"

B52s - “Love hut'

Either these are very anti-social partygoers or they have a messy kitty!

Misinterpreted text:"Trash on the porch/Trash in the hallway"

correct letter:"Porch Shimmer/Hall Shimmer"

Saint John – 'Rosen''

Well, I guess they must have given him the horn. Whatever makes your goat levitate.

Misinterpreted text:"I went to porn with a bag of screaming goats"

correct letters:"I turned the corner, my body screamed cheating"

Prince - 'Purple Rain''

One of the many rumors surrounding Roxo was that he kept his mother in the garden.

Misinterpreted text:"Maybe I'm like my mother / She never sat inside."

correct letters:"Maybe I'm Like My Mother / She's Never Satisfied"

Missy Elliot – „Mach Ur Freak an'

mine is 99 please miss

misinterpreted letter: "Get your free waffle"

correct letter:"Build Your Monster"

The Libertines - "Work Makes You Free"

But they are such healthy boys!

Misinterpreted text:“Culpo a McFly”

correct letter:"Work sets you free"

Sam Smith - "Leave your lover'

Sam Smith wished he had chosen a mini milkshake instead of a lemon sorbet.

misinterpreted letter: "Suck me sour milk for free"

correct letter:"Let Go of My Midnight Blues"

Loser - 'Beck'

Call the RSPCA. Beck's not just a loser, he's a dog feeder.

Misinterpreted text:"So I overfed the dog"

correct letter:I am a loser

Simply Red – “Holding back the years'

Who would have thought that those auburn curls were actually just covering Mick Hucknall's bowler's ears.

Misinterpreted text:"Grab His Ears"

Royal Letter:"Grab His Ears"

Sister Sledge - "We Are Family"

This office equipment attack on a man in a cassock is by Peter Kaye.

Misinterpreted text:"Let me just disturb the vicar."

correct letter:"Let me just say it for the record."

Little Mix - No more sad songs'

Take these girls to the Carphone Warehouse.

Misinterpreted text:"No more Samsung"

correct letter: "No more sad songs"

Lil Nas X - "Old Town Street".'

It's illegal where I'm from.

Misinterpreted text:"I put my horse in a hotel room / I ride until I can't anymore"

correct letter:"I Lead My Horse Down the Old Town Street / I Ride Until I Can No More"

Roger Sanchez - "No Luck"

He can't cook, he doesn't cook... he showers with strangers.

Misinterpreted text:"I'm going to shower with Ainsley Harriott.

correct letter:"I would try to tell you that the things we had were okay"

Selena Gomez - "Good for you'

Selena sings about the sweet smell of success. They don't know that money is the root of all evil.

Misinterpreted text:"I fart carrots"

correct letter:"I have 14 carats"

Olivia Newton John and John Travolta - "Summer Nights"

do you mean clogs

Misinterpreted text:"I have shoes that are made of plywood"

correct letter:"I've got chills, they're multiplying"

Kesha - Caníbal'

Everyone's a little annoying

Misinterpreted text:"I'm a catnipple"

correct letter:"I'm a cannibal"

Pink Floyd - "Another brick in the wall"'

Thunder pants take over the educational campus

Misinterpreted text:"We don't need fart control"

correct letter:"We don't need mind control"

C+C Music Factory – “I'll make you sweat'

Music for the zombie apocalypse.

Misinterpreted text:"Now All Corpses"

correct letter:"Everybody Dance Now"

R-Kelly: “I think I can fly'

Let's face it, he believed he could get away with a lot more.

Misinterpreted text:"I think I can touch this guy."

correct letter:"I believe that I can touch the sky"

Alanis Morissette - "You Should Know"'

Stealing people's toys really isn't... unless it's done ironically, don't you think?

Misinterpreted text:"It's not fair that you deny me / the cross-eyed bear you gave me"

correct letter:"It is not fair that you deny me the cross that I carry and that you gave me"

Carl Douglas - "Kung Fu Fight"'

Forget Kung Fu Panda, other furry creatures interfere in martial arts.

Misinterpreted text:"All the rabbits did kung fu"

correct letter:"Everybody did kung fu"

Phil Collins – “On the air tonight

Alert John Lewis, Phil obviously runs his Christmas commercials all the time.

Misinterpreted text:"I've waited my whole life for this snowman"

correct letters:"And I've waited my whole life for this moment"

Bob Dylan - "It's Not Dark Yet"

Forget Bob, they must be good swimmers.

Misinterpreted text:"My sensitive manatee went down the drain"

correct letter:"My sense of humanity has gone down the drain"

Bob Dylan - "Blowin" im Wind'

Bob really needs to take better care of his zoo.

Misinterpreted text:"Ants are my friends. They blow in the wind"

correct letter:"The answer, my friend, is carried away by the wind"

Jason Derulo - "Wobble'

Can you have a Freudian Mondegreen?

Misinterpreted text:"He made me enter the club with wet implants."

correct letter:"He caught me at the club planning a wedding"

Portugal the Man - "Sit It Still"'

Hello, yes please Or maybe just a toasted sandwich maker?

Misinterpreted text:"We could find a waffle party"

correct letter: "We could fight a war for peace"

Survivor - Eye of the Tiger'

Very knowledgeable. If you are the last man alive, the lack of bread will surely be the last straw.

Misinterpreted text:"And the last known survivor keeps his bread at night"

correct letter:"And the last known survivor pursues his prey in the night"

The Smiths - "Heaven Knows I'm Unhappy Right Now"

It's poetry, man.

Misinterpreted text:"I was happy in the eyes of a drunk owl"

correct letter:“I was happy in the mist of an hour drinks”

Bruno Mars - 'Delicateness'

I heard it's nice this time of year.

Misinterpreted text:"We Are Here / Journey to Inverness"

correct letter:"We Are Here / Dripping Finesse"

Foster the people - inflated kicks'

I've heard of kicking the bucket but not competing in a 100 meter dash.

Misinterpreted text:"You better run, you better run, faster than my bucket"

correct letter:"You run better, you run better, faster than my bullet."

Christine and the Queens – 'iT'

Can't you understand what he's saying? It has to be french. But even the actual letters are confusing. Are you referring to David Dickinson's deathly fear of orange furniture polish?

Misinterpreted text:"With that comes the deep kinship, Sophie."

correct letter:"With this I become the death Dickinson feared"

Vampire Weekend- "Hannah Hunt"

While sharing toothbrushes is definitely gross, that seemed a bit extreme. But nobody should underestimate the pain of sensitive teeth.

Misinterpreted text:"Although we live on the US dollar / you and me, we have our own Sensodyne."

correct letter:"Although we live on the US dollar / You and I, we have our own sense of time."

Our Lady - 'The Beautiful Island'

Some interpretations on this: Madge is clearly craving carbs, or maybe wants to form some dough.

Misinterpreted letter 1:Last night I dreamed of some bagels

misinterpreted letter 2: Last night I had a dream about some PlayDoh

correct letter:Last night I dreamed of San Pedro

The police - With every breath'

Oh no, that sounds kind of mean. I would try Sudocrem.

Misinterpreted text:"How My Poop Hurts"

correct letter:"How My Poor Heart Aches"

Polizei - "Message in a Bottle"'

Really Gordon, you have to be more careful.

Misinterpreted text:"It's been a year since I broke my nose"

correct letter:"It's been a year since I wrote this note"

Adele - Rolling in the Deep'

What is that? Is Adele threatening someone with a Ped Egg?

Misinterpreted text:"You'll wish you never had bad feet"

correct letter:You will wish you had never met me

TLC - "No robes'

He thinks of a misheard, funny text, and then two come out.

Misinterpreted text:"A scrub is a guy who thinks he's cool/aka a bus stop."

correct letter:"A mop is a guy who thinks he's good/aka an asshole"

REM – “Sidewinder is sleeping tonight'

Thank goodness for internet calls..

Misinterpreted text:"Call Jamaica"

correct letter:"Call me if you try to wake her up"

John Denver - "Take Me Home Country Road'

Quite a lot of liberation if you ask me...bring the banjos.

Misinterpreted text:„West Virginia Horse Riding Mom“

correct letter:„West Virginia Mountain Mom“

Eric Carmen – „Solo'

It's okay, Barack, we don't need you right now. Trump dismantled the elf grooming system

Misinterpreted text:"I don't want to be Obama's eleven"

correct letter:"I do not want to be alone"

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