The Lord of the Rings "The Two Towers" (2023)

The Lord of the Rings "The Two Towers"

[The voices of the extended mountains are heard.]

Gandalf: You can't pass!
Frodo: Gandalf!
Gandalf: I am the secret fire servant, user of Anilor's flame. It will not be worth the dark fire!
[We continue the mountain and see Gandalf and Balrog on the Khazad-Dûm.]

Gandalf: Go back to the shade!!!!

[Gandalf beats his team on the bridge and a white flash of light raises to Balrogs. The demon pulls a whip of fire, enters the bridge and yields and throws it down. Receives a brief understanding of the bridge.]

Boromir: [holding Frodo.] Nein! Frodo!
Gandalf: Volet your fools!

[Gandalf loses his pressure and falls into the abyss.]

Foldo: NO2
[Gandalf falls to Balrog and grabs his sword of glampinges on the road down.. At that moment, Frodo Waken's nightmare.]

Frodo: Gandalf!
SAM: What is Mr. Frodo?
Frodo: Nothing.
[Title: the two towers]

[Frodo and Sam rise a rocky terrain.

Sam: Mordor. The only place in the average land that we do not want to see more precision. It is the only place where we want.
Frodo: He didn't mean that many things happened, Sam. But they did.

[Suddenly, Frodo feels the eye that is approaching. He signs and pants while he leaves.]

Sam: Frodo? The ring is, right?
Frodo: Go heavier. What can be left?
Sam: Well, let me see. Oh yes, pleasant.
Frodo: Nothing of pillows never your mood, Sam?
Sam: These rain clouds can.

[They continue to cross a difficult land and often shrink under their roofs.]

Sam: That seems strangely familiar.
Frodo: [frustrated] because we have been here before! Let's go in a circle!
Sam: Ah! What kind of stench of Orrid is that?
Frodo: Yes, I can smell it. We are not alone.
Gollum: [It sneaks into the hobbits.] These thieves! These little dirty thieves! Sheee is? Where do they steal you?

[Suddenly the hobbits appear, ring.sam triesHis, fight in huge and firm eyes in the ring. He paste Gollum again and moves him away from the waist at a death claw. Then the chopped and safe swarm on the Gollum neck.]

Frodo: This is stingy. You've seen it, no, Gollum! Libere -o or I will cut your throat!

[Slowly he loses control of Gollum Sam and, as he reveals, he regrets Gollum. Then he is tied around his neck with the Sam's Elvic rope, and suffocate half, even if he cries and laments.]

Gollum: It burns! That burns us! Take it!
Sam: Come to you! There is no hope! Every orco in Mordor will listen to this racket! We are going to tie it and leave it!
Gollum: No! That will kill us, kill us!
SAM: It's nothing more than desire!
Frodo: Maybe he deserves to die. Now I've seen him, I feel sorry for him.
Gollum: [Performance] We are great for you if you are great with us. I'm going to us. We will have what you want.
Frodo: There is no promise that you can trust.
Gollum: We swore to serve the price of priceus.
Frodo: The ring is complicated. This will keep you in your word.
Gollum: Yes ... about the beautiful ... in priceus.
Sam: [Suddenly, Sam shouts out loud] I don't believe in you! Be lower! Give yourself!

[Sam strongly presses the rope while Gollum tries to escape, and Gollum falls to the ground.

Frodo: [Em Horror]: ¡Sam!
Sam: He tried to fool us! We let him go, he will accelerate to sleep!
Frodo: [For Gollum, almost like a statement and not a question] Do you know the way to Mordor?
Gollum: [Caution] Yes.
Frodo: Have you ever been there?
Gollum: [again] yes.
Frodo: [Take the Gollum rope]: You take us to the black door.

[Gollum looks at Frodo where Wonder, surprised that they will show him so much friendship and self -confidence.
[The Uruk Shark Usa Merry and Pippin in the fields of Rohan.]

Pippin: Happy!

[We see that Merry is unconscious, with a large and unpleasant cut on the right front.]
[Suddenly, an Uruk shark raises his hand and points to the stop group.]

Uglúk: What is it? What do you smell?
Maúhur: Man-Flesh.
Pippin: [despite] Araorn!
Uglúk: You took our trail! Come on!

[Uruk -hai accelerates its rhythm. Then it shakes the roof and throws it to the ground.]
[Aragorn meets his eyes and his ear pressed towards the ground and listens to the sound of the steps.]

Aragorn: Your rhythm accelerates. You must have taken our perfume.
LEGOLAS: Gimi is coming!
Gimli: three days and the night of persecution ... without food ... without peace ... and without signs of our quarry, but what the bare rock can say.

[The three hunters cross stones and levels, with Aragorn at the top, and Legolas and Gimli behind.

Aragorn: Not the leaves of autumn Lorie.
LEGOLAS: You can still be alive.
Aragorn: Less than a day ahead, come on!
LEGOLAS: Come on Gimli! We won with you.
Gimli: I am wasted in the countryside through the country.

[The cameras organize the orcs that cross the levels and then balance the three hunters who follow. The trackers pass through a hill and stop while looking at the levels below.]

Aragorn: Rohan, home of the gentlemen of the horses. Here there is something strange at work. Some give these creatures almost no speed. It defines their will against us.
LEGOLAS: Uruks saw in the northeast. You are the hobbits to Isngard!
Aragorn: Saruman.

[The Orthanzurm is in the middle of the Imengard.saruman smoke caves is in his chamber and communicates with the dark Lord through the Palantir.]

Saruman: The world is changing. Who has the strength to stay against Isngard and Mordor's armies?

[Isengard caves shine with industry fires, noise hammers fill air and cast iron is spilled in the foul.]

Saruman: (voiceover)
The Old World will burn in industry fires. Forests will fall. A new order will increase who contradicts us.

[Saruman is in the middle of a meeting of wild men holding rude torches and weapons.]

Saruman: The gentlemen took their land. They were their people to the hills to scratch the life of the stones.
Quantity: Killer!
Saruman: eliminates the countries that have stolen you.
... will begin in Rohan. For a long time, these farmers stayed against him. But no more.

[The wild and orcs attack a town. A woman by hand on a horse calls her children.]

Mother: Eothain, take your sister. You are faster with only two.
Freya: But Pope says that Eothain shouldn't leave. It's too big for him!
Mother: Listen to me! You must go to you and take off your alarm. Do you understand me?
Eothain: Yes, mother.
Freya: I don't want to go! I don't want to go!
Mother: Listen to me. I will find you there.

[The shouts increase as the army approaches.]
Mother: Fast! Go, child! [For yourself] Oh, child.

[According to the army slaughter, the village turns on.

Saruman: (v.o.) Rohan, my lord, is ready to fall.

[A Ritter group travels to you.


[Theodred seems to listen to him called, but he can't answer. He has a bloody cut next to his head.
[Èomer and èwyn talk to King Théoden, who sits on his throne, crazy and beyond his years, during his years.]

Èowyn: [For Theodes] your son is seriously injured, my lord.
Èomer: He was attacked by ORCS.If we do not defend our country, Saruman will force him.
Grima: This is a lie! Saruman, White, was our friend and ally.
Theoden: [Murmeln] Grima ... Grima
Èomer: Orks increases freely in our countries. Without marking, non -competitive, killed at will.

[Èomer leaves a helmet on the floor that falls to reveal Saruman's white hand.]
Grima: Why do you put these problems in an already problematic spirit? Can't you see? Your uncle has its dissatisfaction, warning, tired.
Èomer: Heating? How long has been bought for you from Saruman? What was the promised price, grrima? If all men are dead, would you accept part of the treasure?

[Èomer observes Grima, whose eyes fall into the figure of èawyn in the background]

EOMER: You have observed my sister for a long time that you have followed your steps.
Grima: You see a lot, the son of è them. It is immediately banished from the Rohan kingdom while death.

[Uruk-Shark and ORCs continue to mark with their hobbit prisoners through levels.

Gimli: Continue breathing, that's the key! Breath! Ho!
LEGOLAS: They run as if their teachers open their own whips behind them.

[They continue running to long distances.

Baglor: We don't go until we breathe.
Uglúk: Take the fire!
Pippin: Happy!
Mezy: I think we made an error left by Pippin County.

[You can hear a strident noise.]

Pippin: What does this sound do?
Merry: They are the trees.
Pippin: Or the hometown?
Happy: Do you remember the old forest? In Buckland Borders? People said something was something in the water that made the trees high and that life was returned.
Pippin: ¿live?
Merry: trees of trees that can whisper to talk to each other until they move.
Baylor: I hung. We are not or not, but the bread of the width for three days of food!
ROC: Yes! Why can't we have some meat? [Hobbits view] And you? You're fresh!
Uglúk: You shouldn't eat!
Grishnakh: And the legs? You don't need it.
Uglúk: ¡Times!
ROC: ¿just a little?

[Uglúk Mata Roc.]

Uglúk: It seems that the meat has returned to the menu!

[The Uruk-Hai and the Orks encourage and began to tear the ROC, fly the intestine and gave them hobbits for a while.]

Happy: Pippin, let's go!

[His still connected hands, hobbits try to pull themselves. Suddenly, one foot passes on Pippin and turns it.]

Grishnakh: make yourself call.

[Suddenly, a spear arrives at Grishnákh. Chaos continues when Rohan's driver exploded from his hiding places and attacked the orcs.]

Happy: Pippin!

[Hobbits try to escape from pandemmonium in the forest and avoid bodies and their feet. Suddenly, Pippin turns around and looks at some helmets that fall on him.]

Pippin: ¡Ahh!

[The three hunters continue to chase Uruk-Ja.down.]

LEGOLAS: A red sun is born. The blood was shed tonight.

[The noise of the horses reaches their ears. They quickly lead you to hide behind some rocks. A large group of horses appears and quickly with their banners. AGGARAN leaves the hiding place when it passes, followed by Legolas and Gimli.]

Aragorn: Rohan Riders! What brand messages?

[In a sign of èomer in leadership, the pilots make a quick curve and go to them and surround them in a growing circle. When you stop, point your long spear on you.]

Èomer: What business is an eleven, a man and a dwarf in Riddemark? Speak quickly!
Gimli: Give yourself your name, your horse horse, and I will give you mine.
Èomer: [Simantula the horse and goes to Gimli.] I cut my head, dwarf, on the floor.

[LEGOLAS shows an arrow in èomer in a fast movement.]

LEGOLAS: You would die before you fell your blow!

[All drivers show their spears that are closer to travelers.
Aragorn: I am Aragorn, son of Arathorn. This is Gimli, son of Gloin, and Legolas, the kingdom's kingdom. These friends of Rohan and Théoden, his king.
Èomer: Theodes no longer recognizes the friend of the enemy. [The helmet is removed.] Not even his relatives.

[Spears are eliminated.]

Èomer: Saruman poisoned the spirit of the king and claimed the owner in this country. My company is the one that is loyal to Rohan.Campanas and cutlery.
Aragorn: We are not spies. We have followed a band of Uruk sharks in the West through the levels. They took two of our friends in captivity.
Èomer: Uruks are destroyed. We kill them at night.
Gimli: [disturbed, desperate]: but there were two hobbits, do you see two hobbits with them?
Aragorn: It would be little, only children in their eyes.
Èomer: We don't let any live. We apply the bodies and burn them.

[Point out the distance where we see the Uruk shark battery and still smoke.]

Gimli: [Incredible]: Are you dead?
Èomer: [A break is briefly taken, then nods.] Sorry.
[For the pilots] we drive to the north!

[Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli go to the flames, and Gimli begins to change through the burning battery, from which he recovers a carbonized belt and a dagger pod.]

Gimli: [Unfortunately] is one of its small belts.
Legolas: [Withings of the Ojos hyn Hyn Hyl Hyl of 'wanath.
Aragorn: Ahhh !!! [Patra la pila de porc.]
Gimli: [disbelief] we miss them.

[Aragorn, apart, but if you do, you notice something.]

Aragorn: A hobbit was here and the other.

[Review: Pippin shouts when looking at some helmets on him.

Aragorn: They continued.

[Review: Merry and Pippin desperately crawl out of battle.]

Aragorn: Your hands were tied.

[Flashback: Pippin rubs angry at the sharp tip of a blade.]

Aragorn: Your ties were cut. They coried here and were persecuted.

[Review: their hands were published, the hobbits flee from the battle scene, soft with a horse and try not to be at risk. They flee, Grishnakh Pippin grabs their belt and clings.]

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Happy: The belt! Run!

[Pippin makes the belt and Grishnákh holds the belt and hobbits.]

Aragorn: The clues moved from the battle, A ... Ferta Shape.
Gimli: Fangor! What kind of crazy did you put them there?

[Hobbits are in the Frugorn forest.]

Pippin: Did we lose it? I think we lost it.

[Suddenly, Grishnákh explodes a blade in the branches and marks.]

Grishnakh: I withdrew both heads! Come here!
HAPPY: Trees! Up to a tree!

[Pippin and happiness each climbs on a tree.]

HAPPY: He is gone.

[Suddenly there is happily pulling their legs and falls to the ground. Grishnákh leans over him with his threatening sword.]

Pippin: Happy!

[Pippin looks at the horror, but when he turns his head, he sees some bright yellow eyes that blink the tree in which he clings.]

Pippin: ¡Ah!

[Pippin loses his fear and falls. The tree catches it.]
Grishnakh: Let's put a hole in the stomach.

[Suddenly, Grishnákh feels a bit behind him and when he looks up, the tree crushes it.]

Pippin: Run, happy!

[The tree is happy.]

Bart: Little Orks!
Pippin: You speak happily. The tree speaks.
Tree beard: tree? I am not a tree! I am a locked.
Happy: Dreier! Pastor del Bosque.
Pippin: Don't talk so happy. Don't be encouraged.
Tree beard: Bart in the tree call me.
Pippin: And who do you come from?
Bart: Page? I'm not on someone's side. Because no one is by my side, small orco. No more concerns about the forest.
Happy: We are not orcs. Hobbits!
Bart: Hobbits? I have never heard of a hobbit. I seem to be a mischief. They come with fire, they come with axes.
Happy: No! You don't understand. Hobbits, half -folk.shirefolk!
Bart in the tree: maybe they are and maybe not. The white magician will know.
Pippin: White wizard?
Feliz: Sarder!

[Merry and Pippin let Tree and Pippin on the floor and the hobbits look wonderful for the white wizard.]
[Frodo and Sam follow Gollum until the end of the rocky floor. Gollum looks back.]

Gollum: Look, we take it out! Fast, fast! Very happy to have found it.
Sam: Whoa! It's a swamp! He took us to a swamp!
Gollum: Swamp, yes.
SAM: There are dead things!
Gollum: All dead.All press. Eelfos, men and orcs. A great fight for a long time.
Sam: ¡Ohh!
Gollum: Be careful now! Or the hobbits go down to join the dead and look at their own candles.

[Frodo falls into the water with the stomach.]

Sam: ¡Frodo!

[Frodo sees many faces of the dead in the water. Looks to him and you try to win it in your kingdom. Suddenly he clings from behind and stops on earth.]

Frodo: Gollum?
Gollum: Don't follow the lights!
Sam: Frodo! Are you okay?

[Theft of darkness: Sam sleeps, but Frodo is still awake. He threws the ring in the palm, looks at him and caresses him.

Gollum: So demons, so many.
Frodo: What did you say?
Gollum: The teacher has to rest. The teacher has to maintain his strength.
Frodo: Who are you?
Gollum: You should not ask us the name, not your business.gollum, Gollum.
Frodo: Gandalf told me they were one of the villages of the river.
Gollum: Cold your heart, stone and bones. And call all travelers away from home.
Frodo: He said his life was a sad story.
Gollum: You don't see what comes when the sun disappears and the moon is dead.
Frodo: You weren't so different from a hobbit that was ... Sméagol?
Gollum: What did you call me?
Frodo: That was your name once, right?
Gollum: Mein ... Mein Nombre ... Sméagol.

[While speaking, take something in heaven and retires with fear.]

Sam: ¡Rider Negros!
Gollum: Hide!

[Frodo feels acute shoulder pain.]

Sam: Let's go Frodo, let's go!
GOLLUM: You'll see us!
Sam: I thought they were dead!
Gollum: Dead? No, you can't kill them.
Ringwraith: [Chillido]
Gollum: questions about the precious. You ask the precious.

[Frodo collects the ring.

Sam: Okay.

[The circles of the ring circles up and fly far.]

Gollum: Habbits. The black door is very close.

[Meanwhile, Aragorn and society go to Fangorn Forest to look for Merry and Pippin.]

Gimli: ¡Ork Blut!
Aragorn: These are strange clues.
Gimli: The air is so close here.
LEGOLAS: This forest is old. Very old.
Aragorn: Gimli!
Gimli: ¿Hein?
ARAGORN: Baje tu hacha.
Gimli: ¡Oh!
LEGOLAS: ARAGORN and ENNAS! [Translation: "Something is there!"
Araging: Does Centich Man?[Treation: "How many times?"]
LEGOLAS: Difficult -breeding approaches.
Aragorn: Do not let talk. It will attract a spell! We should be fast.

[The three swings will attack accordingly with a shout. Suddenly, they are blinded by a light light that comes from the white wizard.

Assistant: You follow the steps of two young hobbits
Aragorn: Where are you?
Assistant: did you fail this day before yesterday. Did you know someone who didn't expect it. What do you comfort you?
Aragorn: Who are you? Show yourself!

[Light decreases and reveals to Gandalf, dressed in white.]

Aragorn: It can't be! You fell!
Gandalf: Through fire and water.

[Review: Gandalf fights Balrog at the summit.]

Gandalf: (From the lowest dungeon to the highest peak I struggled with him, Morgoth's balrog.

[Gandalf holds glamor and flash lightning meets him before falling on

Gandalf: (v.o.) Until I finally threw my enemy and defeated his ruin on the slope of the mountain. Darkness took me. And I left the thoughts and time.Life in myself again. I return to myself until my work is over.

[FIM Flashback.]

Aragorn: Gandalf.
Gandalf: Gandalf? Oh yes. They called me before.Gandalf the gray. That was my name.
Gimli: Gandalf!
Gandalf: Now I am Gandalf, now he knows. And now I will return to the flood.

[They walk through the forest, with Gandalf leading the way.]

Gandalf: A stage of the trip is over, another begins. War came in Rohan. We will enter the ears at full speed.

[Gandalf Assobia gets worse out of the forest. Gipotype a neighbor is heard and a white horse appears at the level that responds to the call.]

LEGOLAS: This is one of the mearas, unless my eyes are deceived by a spell.
Gandalf: Shadowfax. He is the teacher of all horses and was my friend through many dangers.

[The four years for free.]

[Shaving the tree crosses the forest and uses Merry and Pippin.]
Tree beard: my house. I have here in the forest. The roots of the mountains.You will hurt if you can. There are very few of us now.

[Frodo and Sam are taken to the edge of a cliff.]
Gollum: The black bite of Mordor.
Sam: My old refuter would have one or two things to say if I saw that.
Gollum: Master says he shows the way to Mordor, so Sméagol does what the teacher says.
Frodo: I did it.

[Orks patrol the black door.]

SAM: We can't overcome them.

[You can listen to a command and an orco sounds a horn. Trolls de Cuevas are stretched and growl and then pull the powerful door.]

Sam: Look! The door opens! I can see a road down.

[Sam approaches the edge. Suddenly, the stone gives and falls.]

Frodo: Sam!¡No!
Sam: π ah!

[Frodo va a Sam.]

Gollum: ¡Meister!

[Two soldiers in Osterling see dust in the cliff and investigated. Sam comes to Sam, what is a stuck.]

Frodo: I don't ask you to come with me, Sam.
Sam: I know that Mr. Frodo.dids these covers help us there.
Frodo: Now!
Gollum: No! No! No teacher! You take! They take you. You don't take it.

[Frodo tries to leave, but Gollum won't leave it.]

Gollum: No! There is a different way.
SAM: Why haven't you talked about that before?
Gollum: Because the teacher did not ask!
Sam: He plans something.
Frodo: Do you mean there is another way of mordor?
Gollum: Yes. There is a road and some stairs and then a tunnel.
Frodo: He brought us here, Sam.
Sam: ¡Sr. Frodo, no!
Frodo: He was loyal to his word.
Sam: π no!
Frodo: Lead the way, sméagol.
Gollum: Good sméagol always helps.

[Gandalf, Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas approach a great kingdom in a hill.]

Gandalf: You are and Hall Golden von Meduseld, King of Rohan, whose spirit has fallen and Saruman's government over King Théoden is now very strong.

[Interior: èowyn habla a Theoden]

Èowyn: My lord, your son is dead.My Lord? Uncle? You will not go to Him? Will you do nothing?


Gandalf: Be careful what you say. You don't look good, to move here.

[Èwyn cries next to Theodred's head.]

Grima: Ohh, he, SS-Sometime must have died at night. This tragedy so that the king loses his only son and heirs. I understand that his death is difficult to accept, especially now that his brother left him.

[He puts his hand on èawyn's shoulder and she looks with a rejection. She rises with hurry and retires.]

Èwyn: Leave me alone, your snake!
Grima: [Not down, approaches èawyn and circulates -while speaking.]
Oh, but you are alone. Who knows what you said with the dark, the bitter watches of the night. If your whole life seems to shrink.

[He puts his hand on his face and moves her on his face and neck.]

Grima: As fair, as cold as a pale spring morning that still clings to the cold of winter.
Èowyn: [She closes her eyes and face. Then she opens her eyes and looks at Grima for some time before speaking.] Your words are poisonous!

[Èowyn leaves the camera and goes on a porch, with a view to the lands around Rohan. She turns the eye, first looking at the large mountains with snowy and distant lands.Herself, a rohan flag to her right, beats her cane and sails around the city. And as Aragorn and the others approach the city's door, she falls to the ground, just before them.País, Aragorn comes as Rawan. The Camera de la Sartén and we are treated with a great view of the big city.]
[Gandalf (gray dress again), Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli (in the same horse as Legolas), enter a town in Rohan.It is a quiet place and people are dressed quietly and silently, especially in black.Golden Hall, sees èawyn at the entrance.]

Gimli: You will find more joy in a cemetery.

[Aragorn looks at Hall Golden and sees èawyn when he leaves. Many guards leave the entrance to the hall, and Gandalf greets them happily.]

Gandalf: Ah.
Hama: I can't afford to assemble it so armed in front of Théoden -King, Gandalf Grayhame ... in the order of Grima Wormon.

[The chicken on the forehead, Gandalf Ascent.]

Hama: [Gandalf's Gestisch] Your team.
Gandalf: Hmm? [Look at his team.] Oh. No, you wouldn't separate from his stick from an old man.

[Hama nods and gestures that follow him to the corridor.gandalf flashes in Aragorn and enter the hall, Gandalf leaned like a sudden age. When they enter, Hama leans towards the king, then he goes to the side.]

Grima: my lord.gandalf who comes gray. A herald of necessity.
Gandalf: The courtesy of his room has been reduced a bit lately, Theoden-Hing.
Grima: He is not going well.
Theoden: Why should you give you the good vindas, Gandalf - Stormcrow?
Grima: [In Theoden's ear]: a fair question, my lie.
[He gets up and goes to Gandalf, and we see that Gandalf's team is currently hidden.]
[The strong so that everyone can listen late is the time when this magician wants to appear.
Gandalf: Silence! Hold the tongue of his fork behind his teeth. I did not go to crooked words with a meaningless worm through fire and death!

[Hears his team on his cover.]

Grima: Your team ... [slow and impatient, to the guards] I told you that you must take the magician's team!

[The guards run the sides and Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli take them without difficulty. The layer works to the side and Gandalf approaches the king.

Gandalf: Theoden, son of the danelos.It is a long time, they sat in the shade.

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[Gimli sees how Ghma shrinks on the floor and holds it.]

Gimli: I would be still if you are!
Gandalf: Listen to me! I will publish it from magic.
Teodes: Hahahahahahaha hahahaha! You have no strength here, Gandalf The Gray
Gandalf: I will attract you, Saruman, while the poison is removed from a wound.

[Èawyn runs, try to go to Teodas, but Aragorn holds them.]

Aragorn: Espere.
Theoden: [in Saruman's voice] When I go, Teodas die.
Gandalf: You didn't kill me, you won't kill him.
Theoden: [In Saruman's voice] Rohan belongs to me!
Gandalf: leave out! [Theodes throws forward, and Gandalf refers to his team to him and pushes him back to his seat.]

[Saruman falls into the floor in Orthanc. Then, now tired, Theodes folds in his seat forward to the front as if Hama put his hand on the shoulder while looking at the miracle. It is for many years. You look on èowyn.]

Theoden: Conozco you dear.

[Èawyn smiles and the king looks at her as if trying to remember a distant memory. Then he remembers and smiles.]

Théoden: èOwyn ... èOwyn.

[She smiles and puts her hand on the king's face, joy in her eyes.]
[Gandalf takes a step forward, and Theodes and èwyn look at him.]

Théoden: Gandalf?
Gandalf: Breathe again, friend.
Theodes: Dark my dreams have been lately.
Gandalf: Your fingers will better remember your old strength ... if you catch your sword.

[Hama runs with his sword. Theoden attracts him so that his gaze becomes groan. The guards throw gime from the hall and lower the stairs.]

Grima: Ah! I just served you my gentleman
Theoden: Your brushed me había me habría aphrarado as a table for four patas!
Grima: Send by your side!

[Theodes raises the sword to kill Grima.]

Aragorn: No, my lord! He let him go. Sangue was enough for you.
Grima: Get out of me!
Aragorn: Salve, Théoden, Rei!
Theoden: Where is Théodred? Where is my son?

[Theodis Visita la tumba de Théodred.]

Theodes: Simbelmyne. I always grew up in the tombs of my ancestors the last days of my house.
Gandalf: Théodred's death was not its creation.
Theoden: No father has to bury his son.
Gandalf: It was strong in life. Synde's spirits will find their way to their parents' runners.

[Eothain and Freya appear on horseback with the horses.eothain falls from their horse.]

[In Hall, the two children eat under the care of èwyn.]

Èowyn: They were unarmed. They had no warning.
Where is mom?
Èowyn: shh.
Gandalf: This is just an advance of terror that Saruman will unleash. He still more powerful because he is crazy about the fear of Sauron.
Aragorn: You have 2000 good men who go to the north while we talk.
Theoden: You will be three hundred miles from here.
Aragorn: The open war is due to them whether they would risk it or not.
Theoden: Cuando 6 por ultima vez, theodes, no Aragorn, el Rey de Rohan era.
Gandalf: So what is the King's decision?

[Cut abroad: Hama shouts to the people of Rohan.]
Hama: In the king's command, the city has to be emptied. We have the Helms refuge deeply. Do not overwhelm with the treasures. Only what provisions you need.
Gandalf: Helm is deep! They flee to the mountains when they stay and fight. Who will defend you if not your king?
Aragorn: He only does what he thinks is the best for his people. He has saved him in the past in the past.
Gandalf: There is no departure from Ravina. Necessites Aragorn before the end. You will need people in Rohan. Defense must be kept up to date.
Aragorn: You will endure.
Gandalf: [For] Gray Pilgrim. She usedFifth day at dawn, look east.
Aragorn: Vá.

[Gandalf Sai Em Shadowfax.]
[Èawyn opens a chest to reveal a sword. She fluctuated and is stopped by Aragorn.]

Aragorn: You have some skill with a blade.
Èowyn: women in this country have learned for a long time that they can still die of them without swords. I am afraid of death or pain.
Aragorn: What are you afraid of my lady?
Èowyn: a cage. To stay behind bars until use and age, she accepts. And all value opportunities went beyond retirement or desire.
Aragorn: You are Kings's daughter. A service of Rohan Shield. I don't think this is your destiny.

[Meanwhile in Esgard:]

Grima: Theodos will not be in vulnerable. He knows.He will wait for an attack on the city. They will go to Helms Deep, the great strength of Rohan.It is a dangerous way of traveling through the mountains, women and children with them.

[Saruman crosses Isengard.

Saruman: Send your Warg pilot.

[Gollum still leads Sam and Frodo.]
Sam: Hello stinky!
Frodo: Why are you doing that?
Sam: Or the hometown?
Frodo: Do you call names? Make time.
Sam: Why, because that is what it is, I have nothing else in me, but lies and mistakes. It is the ring you want. It is everything that interests you.
Frodo: You have no idea what you did. What do you do with him? I want to help him, Sam.
SAM: Why?
Frodo: Because I have to believe that he could come back.
Sam: You can't save him, Mr. Frodo.
Frodo: [Wild] What do you know about it? Nothing! [Injury, Sam goes through Frodo.] I'm sorry, I don't know why I said that.
Sam: I do that. It's the ring. You can't get your eyes off him. I have seen you. You don't eat.Frodo. You have to fight!
Frodo: [Ruhvios] I know what I have to do, Sam. The ring was entrusted to me! [Angry] It's my job! Mi! Mine!
SAM: Can't you listen? Don't you know how you look?

[Gollum is alone at night.]

Gollum: We want, we have to have the noise. You stole.
Sméagol: No! No! Teacher!
Gollum: Yes. Beautiful first. You'll be wrong, you will hurt, lie!
Sméagol: The teacher is my friend.
Gollum: You don't have friends. Nobody likes you.
Sméagol: Don't listen. Don't hear.
Gollum: You are a liar and a thief.
Sméagol: No.
Gollum: Killer!
Sméagol: yourself.
Sméagol: I hate you, I hate you.
GOLLUM: Where would you be without me? Gollum.gollum. I keep.
Sméagol: No more.
Gollum: What did you say?
Sméagol: The teacher now takes care of us. We don't need them.
Gollum: Or the hometown?
Sméagol: salt and never come back.
Gollum: ¡No!
Sméagol: salt and never come back!
Gollum: ¡Ahh!
Sméagol: salt and never come back!

[Keep silence]

Sméagol: We told him it! And he goes precisely.

[The next day, Sméagol returns with two rabbits and puts it in its lap.]

Sméagol: Look! Look! Look what Sméagol finds! Ehe! Hohoho! You're young! They are soft and pleasant. They are!
Sam: Stay sick, you behave like this. There is a way to eat a bowling key.

[Sam cooks rabbits in a pan.]

Sméagol: Argh !! What he has done! Stupid fat hobbit.
Sam: What to ruin? It's almost no flesh in them. What do we need some good rejuvenation?
Sméagol: What are Tater? Precissions, what is Tater? Eh?
Sam: Po -ta -Toes !! Cook them, mash them, put them in a stew. Land golden fried fries with a good piece of fried fish.
Difficult: Pooh!
Sam: You couldn't say not about that either.
Sméagol: Oh yes, we could. It is still beautiful fish! I can use the crude. We are rolling.
Sam: You have desperate.

[Suddenly, your teacher's absence realizes.]

Sam: Sr. Frodo?

[Frodo sees an army of Easter soldiers nearby.]

SAM: Who are you?
Sméagol: evil men, Sauron servant. They are called mordor. Darkness is collected by all armies. It will not spend a lot of time now. It will be ready soon.
Sam: Ready to do what?
Sméagol: to fight its war. The last war that will cover the entire world in the shadow.
Frodo: We have to move.
Sam: Mr.Frodo! Look! He is an Oliphant! Nobody at home will believe it.

[Sméagol will.]

Frodo: Sméagol?

[Chaos begins when the east is attacked by shrubs.]

Frodo: We have been here for a long time.

[Frodo and Sam are trapped by men.]

Sam: π ah!
Faramir: hits your hands.

[Residents or Rohan go to Helms Deep.]

Gimli: It is true that you do not see many women in dwarves.
Aragorn: They are the beards.
Gimli: And that in turn led to the belief that there are no dwarf women. And the dwarves only come from the holes in the ground! What is obviously ridiculous.

[Gimli falls from his horse.]

Gimli: Okay! It's fine. No one was panic. That was on purpose. It was on purpose.

[At night and Aragorn goes to sleep.]

Arwen: The light of the Evensar is not delighted and decreases. It is mine to what I am going. I will inform my heart.
Aragorn: I'm Alseeep.This is a dream.
Arwen: So it's a good dream.
Aragorn: Sleep ... Minlû, I am, Auren Talitha. [Translation: "Once you told me that this day would come."
Arwen: I have ... n nt onnad.boe regich go frer.linho ha.
[Translation: "This is not the end. It is the beginning. You have to go with Frodo. This is your path."
Aragorn: Docen i vân or nin. [Translation: "My path is hidden for me"]
Arwen: You are movieians in Vâd in Dail Lîn.If bo ú-dhannatach.
[Translation: "It is already placed before your feet, you can't doubt now"]
Aragorn: Arwen.
Arwen: Ae u-mostble not ... Estelio han.estelio ammen.
[Translation: "If you don't trust anything, trust Him. Trust us"]

[Aragorn and Rohirirrim continue their trip.]

Èowyn: Where is she? The woman who gave her this jewel?

[Review of Elrond with Aragorn at Rivendell Speaks]
Elrond: Our time is ready. Arwen's time is ready. She will go. She will drive the ship west.
Aragorn: But never again than a memory.
ELRAND: I will not leave my daughter here to die.
Aragorn: She is because she still has hope.
Elrond: She is for you! Belong your people.

[Aragorn meets Arwen before the community left.]

Zichans: Alezle placed the main thing, a woman is a subconjunction. [Coconut: "Oy is frenner for the life of fans .......
Arwen: Why do you say that?
Aragorn: I am deadly. You have eleven years. It was a dream other than anything else.

[Aragorn tries to return to Arwen.]

Aragorn: That is yours.
Arwen: It was a gift.

[Flashback Termina.]

Èowyn: my lord?
Aragorn: She sails with everything left of her relatives.
Games: What is? Hahaha?
Hama: I'm not sure.

[A Warg explorer appears above them and attacks Hama, Mata -o.logolas to help immediately and shoot with his arch.]

LEGOLAS: An explorer!
Theoden: What is it? What do you see?
Aragorn: Wargs! We are attacked!
Theoden: All pilots on the head of the column!
Gimli: Let's go up here, I'm a gentleman.
Theoden: You should bring people to the helmet is deep and hurried.
Èowyn: I can fight!
Theoden: No! You have to do that. For me.
Théoden: Siga -me!
Gimli: Progress, striker, March.
Èowyn: [for residents] manufactures the lower soil. Fall together!

[Warg Riders and Rohirirrrim fall at full speed. Lan as men (and orcs).

Gimli: Bring your beautiful face to my ax!

[Lolas Atira No Warg.

Gimli: That says how mine!

[A dead war country in Gimli.]

Gimli: Argh! Fentantenta Creatat!"

[Aragorn takes his hand with a war war and fights with the last Orco pilot who fell.

Gimli: Where is Aragorn?
LEGOLAS: ¿Aragorn?

[Gimli sees an orco on the floor and laughs.]

Gimli: Where is he?
ORC: Hehehe, it seems that your friend took a small fall of the cliff.
LEGOLAS: You Lügst!

[Ork dies and Legolas sees that the ork holds the stage in the hand. Toma and runs to the edge of the cliff. While look down should not be seen. Gimli comes from the proximity of legolas.]

Theoden: [For your men] take the wounded in horses. Isngard's wolves will return.

[LEGOLAS revolves around Theodes, an expression of amazed anger on his face.]

Theoden: [He puts his hand on his shoulder of Legolas.] Come.

[Theodes goes, but Legolas and Gimli remain incredulous in the river.]
[We see Rohan residents who approach the Helms deep refuge. They shout with joy and relief when they appear.]

Refugees: Helm is deep! Anyway! That was it!
Alt: We are safe, my lady! Thank you!

[Eowyn embraces the woman while taking refuge. The door is open for them and we have the first glance inside the depths of Helm. Gran stone area. Confusion Sofá, Eothain and Freda find their mother's arms.]

Freya: ¡MUTMADO!
Truth: ¡Grutis! ¡Free!

[When the three hugs, King Teodes occurs with his men.]

Wache: On the way for theodes! On the way for the king!

[Èwyn ends to find -.

Èowyn: very few! As few of you have returned!
Teodes: Our people are safe. Therefore, we pay with my many lives.

[Gimli va a èowyn.]

Gimli: My lady ...
Èowyn: [very worried as if she had already thought what was coming.] Lord Aragorn, where is that?
Gimli: [with a curved head] fell ...

[Trim and Tears, èwyn looks at the tissue.
[In battles]

Theoden: Draw all our force behind the wall. Stop the goal and place a watch in the environment.
Guardian: And those who can't fight my lord? Women and children?
Theoden: put them in the caves. Saruman's arm would have grown for a long time if he thought he could contact us here.


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Grima: Helm's deep only has a weakness. The outer wall is a solid rock, with the exception of a small man hole in space that is little more than a drain.

[Saruman throws explosives in a metal ball.]

Grima: How? How can the fire undo the stone? What kind of device can you break a wall?
Saruman: When the wall is injured, the depths of Helm.
Grima: Even if it is injured, it would take a number that goes beyond billing, thousands to penetrate the fortress.
Saruman: tens of thousands.
Grima: But my Lord does not exist so much.

[Orthanc are going to Veranda and tens of thousands of orcs shout.]

Saruman: A new power is increasing. This victory is at hand. That night the earth is stained with Rohan's blood!

[Happy and Pippin go to Isengard.]

Pippin: Look! The smoke to the south!
Ufer in the tree: today there is always Isengard smoke.
Merry: ¿Isengard?
Bart in the tree: there was a time when Saruman entered my forest, but now he has a metal understanding and a wheel.
Baumbart: I no longer take care of the cultivation.

[Merry discovers something.]

Pippin: What is it?
Merry: It is Saruman's army! The war began.

[Aragorn looms along the river and washed on the ground. Swiss with Arwen.]

Arwen: that the grace is worth protecting it.

[Brego, the horse arrives and Aragorn arrives and rides it.]
[A Rivendell]

SPEAN: The siftci yeel.Suan ju tubins turtry, ocananan.
Arwen: I made my choice.
ELRAND: Don't come back. Why are you staying when there is no hope?
Arwen: [Slope] there is still hope.
Elrond: When Aragorn survives this war, they are still divided. When Sauron is defeated and Aragorn has done king and everything they expected will be true ... they still have to demonstrate the bitterness of mortality. Decade of time, Aragorn will do so.And there will be no comfort to her, there is no comfort to relieve the pain of her death. He will reach death. A image of the splendor of the kings of people in glory who has changed the breakdown of the world. But you, my daughter, you will stay in the dark and in doubt. When winter arrived without a star at night. Your life is completely spent.
I am, u-jurin accelel lîn? [Translation: "I either have your love?"
Arwen: Gerich Meleth Nîn, Ada. [Translation: "You have my loving father"]

[The Elves (including Arwen) Van de Rivendell.]
Galadriel: I love asking for aen,
If the monasteries,
And Klöster does it
ähm Han Noston Ned 'Wilith.
The enemy's power grows.for his power. The young Gondor captain has his hand to take the ring itself and the world that will fall.

[Faramir and his men look at a card.]

Faramir: What news?
Parn: Our Scout reports that Saruman Rohan attacked. People in Theodes have fled to Helm's depth. But we must look at our own limits.
Faramir: How many?
Parn: a few thousand. More come every day.
Faramir: Who covers the river in the north?
Parn: We take the five hundred men of Osgiliath, but when the city is attacked, we will not keep it.
Faramir: Saruman attacks Isengard.Sauron de Mordor. The fight will come to men on both fronts.
Faramir: [Sam and Frodo] My men tell me that they are Ork spies.
Sam: Spies! Now wait a minute!
Faramir: Well, if you are not spies, who are you?
Faramir: ¡di!
Frodo: We are county hobbits.
Faramir: Your guard Costas?
Sam: There Jardinero.
Faramir: And where to climb to your friend? This creature of Gangrel. He had a look.
Frodo: There was no other. Let's part of Rivendell with seven companions. One that we lost in Moria.dois were my relatives. There were also eleven. And two men.
Faramir: Have you been Boromir's friend?
Frodo: Yes, on my part.
Faramir: Would you come then, then you learn that he is dead?
Frodo: Dead? How? When?
Faramir: As one of your classmates, I expected you to tell me. He was my brother.

[Faramir feels only later this day, deeply in the thoughts. One of his men leaves him.]

Lorne: Captain Faramir.

[He goes to his side and puts his hand on his shoulder, licks him something to whisper something in the ear.] [Whisper] we find the ...

[Accompanied by his guards, Faramir goes to the camera, where Frodo and Sam to the extent that Faramir approaches, tired eyes.]

Faramir: You have to come with me.

[Frodo is taken outside.]

Faramir: Down.

[Frodo looks at the forbidden pool and sees Sméagol diving.]

Faramir: The entrance to the forbidden group supports the punishment of death.

[Archers, shrubs, string arrows, prepare for filming.]

Faramir: You are waiting for my command. Would you to shoot?
Sméagol: [sing] rock and pool, it's good and great,
So juicy, I want to get a fish, so juicy sweets!

[Faramir Eye moves from Frodo to Gollum and the archers with an elevated hand and prepares to order the goalkeeper. But when it seems to make the last movement, Frodo speaks.]

Frodo: Wait.

[Faramir stops and turns to Frodo.]

Frodo: This creature is connected to me. I am with me. He is our guide.

[Faramir lifts your eyebrows.]

Frodo: Please let me go to him.

[Faramir nods and see how Frodo goes up to the prohibited pool. He reaches a high rock face when he entered the pool and behind her.]

Frodo: Sméagol. The teacher is here. [He greets Sméagol to go to him.] Come on, Sméagol.
Sméagol: Do we have to leave now?
Frodo: Sméagol, you must trust Master.Siga, come on.

[While Sméagol reaches the face of the rock behind Frodo, Faramir's men jump on him and fight on the floor.]

Frodo: Do not eliminate it! Sméagol does not fight! Sméagol, listen!
Sméagol: ¡Meister!

[A black cloth is thrown on Sméagol's head.
[Sméagol is taken to the cave and thrown to the ground. When plays, it is wrapped in a corner.]

Faramir: Where do you take them? I answer me!
Gollum: Smeagail ... warns you use, SMYEOL?
Sméagol: The cruel men hurt us. But they deceived us.
Gollum: Of course he did it. I said it was complicated. I said I was wrong.
Sméagol: Master is our friend ... Our friend.
Gollum: Master reveals USSSS!
Sméagol: No, it's not a business. We leave it alone.
Gollum: Small hobbits exercises! You stole from USS!
Sméagol: no ... no ...
Faramir: What did you stole?
Gollum: [shout, angry] mein - priceus !!!!

[Sam and Frodo are pushed in a room.]

Sam: We have to get out of here.
Frodo: I can't. You have reason, Sam you were telling me.
Sam: Sr. Frodo ...

[Suddenly, Faramir occurs, pulls his sword and, therefore, lifts the chain that contains the only ring in Frodo's neck.]

Faramir: So ... this is the answer to every riddle. I have it here in nature. its quality.
Frodo: ¡No!
Sam: Stop! Leave it! You don't understand?! You have to destroy it.
Malamir: Osgiliath is attacked.
Sam: please. It's a burden. Don't you help?
Malamir: Captain?
Faramir: Prepare to go. The ring goes to Gondor.

[Aragorn sees Saruman's army and quickly sounds like Helm's deep.]

Chinchas: My carter, oil, oil 3. [pieces: "For you, you will be my friend.

[Aragorn enters helm.]

Gimli: Where is it? Where is it! Remove my path! I will kill him!
Aragorn: Gimli, where is the king?

[Aragorn under League.]

LEGOLAS: LE AB DOLLEN. [Translation: "You are too late".] You look terrible.

[In the distance, she realizes that you are talking to talk and move as if she wanted to join them. But if Legolas takes Elevasar and offers Aragorn.]

Aragorn: Hannnon Le.

[Inside, Aragorn talks to Teodes.]

Theoden: A great host, do you say?
Aragorn: All Isengard are emptied.
Theoden: ¿Cuántos?
Aragorn: at least ten thousand strong.
Theode: ¿Diez mil?
Aragorn: It is an army created for a purpose: destroy the world of people. You will be here at dusk.
Teodes: Let them come.

[Theodes sale.]

Theoden: I want all men and a strong man who can use arms ready for the fight to dusk. Let's go the sidewalk and door up.
Gimli: This is not a variety of irrational orcs. These are Uruk Shark.Tu armor is thick and its great shields.
Theoden: I have fought many wars, teacher -dwarf.It does how to defend my own attitude.
Aragorn: You don't come to destroy the cultures or peoples of Rohan. They come to destroy their people.
Theoden: What would you do to me? Look at my men. Courage is hung by a thread. If this is for our purpose, it would make you end your memory!
Aragorn: Send pilots, my lord. You have to ask for help.
Theoden: And who will come. Alpha? Dwarfs? We are not so lucky in our friends as you. The old alliances are dead.
Aragorn: Gondor will answer.
Theoden: Gondor? Where was Gondor when Westfold fell? Where was Gondor when our enemies closed around us? Where was Gon ... No, my Mr. Aragorn, are we alone?

[Theodes he Aleja de Aragorn.]

Theoden: Put women and children in the caves.
Games: We need more time to grant a siege, Lord.
Teodes: There is no time. War is in us!
Games: secure the door.

[Meanwhile, back to Fangorn:]

Tree Barde: The entrance is not responsible for the wars of men and magicians for a long time. But now something will happen that an age has not happened: then MOOT.
Merry: What is it?
Baumbart: It is a meeting.
Merry: A meeting of what?

[The tickets begin to fence.]

Bart: Faia, Carvalho, Chestnut, Gray.set, well, well, that many came. Now we have to decide if the elimination will be for war.

[Back to Helm's Deep.

Aragorn: Farmers, Roderer, stable children. These are not soldiers.
Gimli: Most have seen many winter.
Legolas: or very few.
ARAGORN: Bearithar hýnameg n'ed eras.
I took: Gerard, Nadim Dagar Hen-Mahari.
Aragorn: Then I will die as one of them!

[Aragorn leaves.]

Gimli: Let her go, boy.

[Theodos are preparing to put their armor.]

Games: Every town that can use a sword was sent to Arsenal.
Theoden: Who am I playing with?
Games: You are our king, Lord.
Theoden: And do you trust your king?
Games: Your men, Lord, will follow him until the end.
Theoden: To some end. Where is the horse and the gentleman? Where is the horn that entered the mountains raining? As a wind in the meadow. The days fell in the west.

[Aragorn sits alone on the stairs. He sees a confused child with a sword.]

Aragorn: Give yourself your sword. How do you call yourself?
Haleth: Haleth, son of Háma, my lord. People say that we will not live the night. You say that he has no hope.

[Aragorn gets up and carries the sword.]

Aragorn: This is a good sword, Haleth, son of Ama.Hay Esperanza.

[Inside, Aragorn uses his armor. He suddenly is behind him and gives him his sword.]

LEGOLAS: We trust you so far and you didn't deviate. You forgive me. I was wrong.
Aragorn: and Moe Eduard, Legolas. [Translation: "There is nothing to forgive, Legolas"]

[Gimli enters his armor and then seems desperate. The armor crawls on the floor.]

Gimli: If we had time, I would accept it. It is a bit tight in the chest.

[A closed horizon sounds like doors.]

LEGOLAS: This is not a horn of orco!


Hasselback: Send the king. Oblig the door!

[The doors open and an army of elves will march.]

Theoden: How is that possible?
Haldir: He brought the word of Elrond de Rivendell. There was a covenant between the elves and the men. It is a long time, we fight and die together. We had to honor this loyalty.
Aragorn: Mae Govannen, Haldir![Tranking: "Beenvenid Halding"]
You are welcome!
Haldir: We are proud to fight men again.

[Saruman's army is coming.

Gimli: Arg ... You could have selected a better place.

[Approved approaches.]

Gimli: Well, boy, the happiness you live, hope until the night lasts.
LEGOLAS: Your friends are with you, Aragorn.
Gimli: Hopefully the night will last.

[Aragorn gives a last conversation with the elves.]

Arabians: Connectors on, U-Dano 1 Tanath De Hyan Uben.
[Translation: "Show mercy! Because you won't receive any!"
Gimli: What's up there?
LEGOLAS: [I smile] should you describe you? Or do you want me to find a box for you?

[Gimli laughs healthy.]
[Interrupts everything and then an old man accidentally triggers an orco.]

Araging: Dartho!

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[Vultures with anger and load.]

Theoden: Then start.
LEGOLAS: Faeg i-varv dîn in lanc a nu ranc! [Translation: "Your armor is weak in the neck and under the arms".
Armorne: Hado is this philinvian!
[Translation: "Fire!"]

[Firo to the elves.]
Gimli: Has anyone hit something?
Theoden: Dales un cielo.
Games: Four!
Aragorn: Burn!
Gimli: Let's go!
Aragorn: Yourarith!
Gimley: nun!

[Uruk-Hai stairs go up and reach the battle in heroes.]

Gimli: League, two already!
LEGOLAS: I have seventeen!
Gimli: Arg! I will not exceed!

[Back to the desampara]

Pippin: Happy!
Bart in the tree: We have just agreed.


Happy: Yes?
Upfer in the tree: I said their names at Moot and we agree: they are not orcs.
Pippin: Well, that's good news.
Merry: What about Saruman? Did you make a decision about him?
Share in the tree: now it is hardened, Master Meriadoc.
Happy: Valical? Our friends are out there. You need our help! You can't stand this war alone.
Bart: War, yes. That affects us all. But you have to understand, young hobbit.It is a long time to say something in the old sector, and we never say anything unless it is worth saying for a long time.

[No helmet is deep]

Gimli: seventeen.dezoito.dezenoveoven.vinte.vinte und eins.veintidós.
Aragorn: Northway!Nauthannen!
Theoden: Is that? This is all that you can summon Saruman.

[A Uruk soldier runs underneath that he carries a flashlight to the hole.

ABORNO: Dago Han!dago han, legolas!dago aban !!!übersetzung: "Comel -o! Kumpeel, Legolas! Mate -o!"]

[Legolas hits Uruk with two arrows, but does not kill him, and Uruk-Shark takes the wall with his explosives. Saruman's army begins to stack on the hole in the wall.]

Theoden: Prepare the goals! Keep it! Stay fast!"

[Gimli falls into the heart of the warrior Orc.aragorn calls it.]

Aragorn: gimli![para your warriors] ¡private for cargo!hado i ilinn!Herius![Treaty: "just the arrows!"
[No Desolot]

Ufer in the tree: entry cannot maintain this war. We have to resist the things we have always done.
Merry: How can this be?
Ufer in the tree: this is not our war.
HAPPY: But your part of this world! They are not. You should help. You should do something.
Tree beard: You are young and brave, happy teacher. But your part of this story has ended. Put in contact with your home.
Pippin: Maybe the tree beard is correct. We do not belong here, happy. It is very big for us. What can we do in the end? We have the county. We should go home.
Merry: Isngard's fire will extend. And the Tuckburough and Buckland will burn forests. And all this was green and good in this world will disappear. It will not have been counting, Pippin.

[Back to the depths of Helm]

Theoden: Aragorn, returns to the door!
Zichens: Lard! It was a balway! Demons, it's alone! It was a balway!

[Haldir saves and asks the others. Gimli was thrown against his will.]

Gimli: What are you doing? Stop!

[Haldir is killed.]

Aragorn: Haldir!
Games: Prepare the door!
Theoden: For the the objective!Decue your swords!
Games: We can't last much more.
Theoden: ¡sostégalos!

[Approved approaches.]

Aragorn: How long do you need?
Theoden: While you can give me!
Aragorn: Gimli!

[Aragorn and Gimli leave a secret side door.]

Gimli: Come on. We can take them!
Aragorn: It's a long way.
Gimli: Play.
Aragorn: Was it?
Gimli: I can't jump away, so you have to play.
Aragorn: It's not a word.

[Aragorn plays Gimli, El Salto, himself.The two fight against the orcs at the entrance door and kill many.]

Theoden: ¡Sube puerta! ¡Gimli! ¡Aragorn! ¡Salir!
LEGOLAS: [from above] Aragorn!

[LEGOLAS throws a rope in Aragorn and Gimli they get security.]

Theoden: tíralos todos hacia black.
Games: Remove! Pull! Withdrawal! Withdrawal!
Aragorn: Hurry up! Enter it! Come to the fortress!

[Meanwhile, back to the Frugorn Forest]

Baumbart: I will leave it on the western borders of the forest. From there you can go north to your house.
Pippin: Wait! Stop! Investment.
Bart: South? But it will bring them beyond Isangard.
Pippin: Yes. When we go to the south, we can go through Saruman without being noticed. They are close we are in danger of not damaging us. It is the last thing he expects.
Bart: Hmmm. This makes no sense to me. But then they are very small. What are you right.
Happy: You are crazy, we are trapped.
Pippin: No, we don't go this time.

[Faramir and his company come to the Osgiliath approach with Frodo, Sam and Gollum as a prisoner.]

Porn: Meera.
Frodo: The ring does not save Gond.O simply to destroy the force. Please let me go.

[Faramir looks at Frodo, but then his men made a gesture to move.]

Faramir: Hurry.
Frodo: [desperate] Faramir, you should let me go!

[Bart in the tree is approaching the edge of the Fruguer Forest]

Baumbart: ... and a small family of field rods that sometimes appear and I really like it. You always try to get somewhere ...

[Baumbart enters an open area where all trees were brutally cut.]

Bard: Many of these trees were my friends.
Pippin: Sorry, tree beard.
Tree beard: You had your own voices.

[The beard of the trees lets a powerful escape that reverberated in Fangorn.]

Upper in the tree: [with anger] There is no curse in Elish, Enish or in people's languages for this betrayal! My business is with Isngard tonight. With stone and stone.

[The tickets marched from the forest.]

Happy Yes!
Bart: Rum-rum! Come on my friends. The entrance goes to war. It will probably go to our destroyer.

Parn: Faramir, ORCS took the east coast.Tus numbers are too large.

[Frodo balance restless.]

Sam: Sr. Frodo!
Frodo: [Faio] calls it, eye is almost me.

[Sam speaks to him, but with Frodo his words seem to disappear and reproduce.]

Sam: Wait, Mr. Frodo. Do you want to do well? [Eco] ... it's fine ... [We see Sam speaking with Frodo, but Frodo listens to anything, but strange noises of grinding stone and wings.]
Faramir: [His men] takes her to my father.
Sam: Do you want to know what happened to Boromir? Do you want to know why your brother died?

[Nowraiths approach.

Sam: Sr. Frodo?
Frodo: You are here. They came.
Ringwraith: [Chillido]
Faramir: Nazgûl!

[A narrow that flies on Osgilias and Faramir takes hobbits to a safe place.]

Faramir: Stay here. Maintenance out of sight.

[Back to the depths of Helm]
Theodos: In Toma La Forest.
Aragorn: You said that this fortress would never fall while your men defend it.
Games: There is a passage. I'm going to the mountains. But they won't be far away.
Aragorn: Send a word to women and children so that the mountain passes. And barricada the entrance!
Teodes: So much death. What can men do with such ruthless hatred?
Aragorn: Salt with me. Jex and find them. "
Theoden: For death and glory?
Damn: Pay Rohan.
Gimli: The sun rises.
(Flashback's off voice) Gandalf: take a look at my arrival in the first light of the fifth day.
Theodes: Yes. Yes! Helm Hammerhand will sound at the end of the last time.
Gimli: Sim!

[Gimli rises to blow the horn.]

Theoden: that this is the moment we collect swords.
Theoden: ¡para el frente Andorlingas!

[Aragorn, Legolas, Teodas, Roca and Cleaning. Suddenly, an old friend appears in the Eastern Mountain chain with the rising sun.]

Aragorn: Gandalf.
Gandalf: Theoden-King is solo.

[Others appear.]

Èomer: It's not alone. Rawirrim!
Téodenden: Pascua!
Èomer: For the king!

[Gandalf and Rohan driver is going through the ORK army.]
[Saruman looks in disbelief how Asgard is destroyed by entry.]

Bart: A blow. A good blow. I better the dam!
Happy: Pippin, wait!
Bart: Wait, little hobbits!

[The water swallowed as a tree beard with the hobbits and the rest of the entrance remains.

Sam: What are you doing? Where are you going?

[Ringring, who approaches Fell Pilot, is approaching. He is about to establish the ring when Sam runs and approaches.

Sam: I'm. Is your Sam? Don't you know your Sam?

[Frodo reaches his senses.]

Frodo: I can't do that, Sam.
Sam: I know. Everything is evil. We should not be here through rights. But we are.Sometimes they didn't want to know the end. Because how happy the end could be? How could the world have had so many bad things?

[Aragorn y èowyn esmalte como Rohan Victorious en Helm's Deep.]

Sam: But in the end it is just something temporary, this shadow.

[The sun shines in Isengard like Merry, Pippin and La Victoria.]

Sam: These were the stories that stayed with them. That meant something.simply return them. They held something.
Frodo: What do we defend, Sam?
Sam: There is something good in this world, Mr. Frodo.And it is worth fighting.

[Frodo looks at Sam, a tear in his eyes and when the camera moves to Gollum, we see that even Sam's words move because a confusing sadness penetrates his face.]
[We see Faramir that you look at the distance and he slowly goes to the two hobbits. They became a little fear, but he meets Frodo with sympathy and falls on his knees.]

Faramir: I think we finally continue, Frodo Baggins.

[While your friend speaks to him, Faramir turns and gets up.]

Manathor: You know the laws of our country. The laws of your father. If you let go, your life will be lost.

[The alarm enters the faces of the three companions.

Faramir: [certainly] is lost.

[Frodo looks at him with admiration when Sam presses his hands.]
[Gandalf and society look east to mordor]

Gandalf: Sauron's wrath will be terrible, its rapid retaliation. The Battle for Helms Deep has finished. The fight for Middle -earth is just around the corner. All our hopes now have two small hobbits.

[Frodo and Sam are back in the desert, led by Gollum]

Sam: I would like to know if we will record music or stories.
Frodo: Was it?
Sam: I wonder if people will say: "We are going to listen to us from Frodo and the Ring."
And they say: “Yes, that is one of my favorite stories. It was really brave, no, father.
"Yes, boy, the most famous hobbits. And that says a lot. ''
Frodo: "You left one of the main characters. Samwise the brave. I want to hear more about Sam. ''
Sam: Well, Mr. Frodo, you shouldn't be fun. I was serious.
Frodo: Me too.
Sam: sameman el loco.
Frodo: Sméagol!
Sam: Let's not wait for you.

[Sméagol is a little ahead.]

Sméagol: Master ... teacher takes care of us. The teacher would not hurt us.
Gollum: The teacher broke your promise!
Sméagol: No ask Sméagol.Poor, poor Sméagol.
Gollum: Master told us! Perverse, complicated, incorrect! We should touch your dirty neck! Mot it! Kill him! Kill both. Let's take the beautiful and we are the teacher.
Sméagol: But the Gordo Hobbit. He knows, always look.
Gollum: Then we have it. Your eyes.
Sméagol: Y! Y! Y!
Gollum: Kill the two.
Sméagol: Yes!It is very risky, it is very risky.
Sam: Where did it go? Hi! Gollum, where are you?
Frodo: Sméagol?
Gollum: We could do it.
Sméagol: Yes. He could do that.
Gollum: Yes, she could. We take it when they were dead.
Sméagol: Once dead.

[Leave the trees and appear before Frodo and Sam.]

Smènool: It is coming, hobbits.
Transcribed by "The Lord of the Rings: the two towers".
Roadmap for Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh y Philippa Boyens.
Based on the trilogy "The Lord of the Rings" by J.R.R Tolkien.


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