The Children of the Forest ending explained (2023)

In Sons of the Forest, players find themselves on an island full of cannibals, left to their own devices to survive and eventually escape. However, what sets this game apart is its intriguing ending, which offers players multiple outcomes based on their decisions throughout the game.

In this article, we'll dive deeper into the mysterious world of Sons of the Forest, explaining the ending, how to get there, and the various alternate endings that await players.

History of the children of the forest

One of the key aspects of Sons of the Forest is the refusal to hold the player's hand. From the moment they wake up on the island, players are left to their own devices and discover the game's mysteries on their own.

While this adds to the sense of immersion and challenge, it also leads to confusion, especially when it comes to understanding the ending. The lack of traditional storytelling and lore leaves players struggling with their own interpretations of the unfolding events.

how to get to the end

Before starting your journey, it is important to collect certain items that will play an important role in reaching the end of the game. The following items are essential to your escape plan:

The Children of the Forest ending explained (1)


This basic device allows you to breathe underwater, allowing you to safely explore caves and underwater passages.

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rope gun

The Rope Gun helps you access otherwise inaccessible locations by firing ropes that allow you to climb cliffs and bridges.


A shovel is useful when you need to dig up valuables, including a maintenance keycard.

Maintenance key

This key card gives access to the VIP Bunker, an important location in the game.

vip card

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Another card is required to open certain doors and progress through the game.

Golden armor

Gold Armor is required to complete the VIP Bunker and Golden Cube challenges.

Steps to obtain required items

Now that you know what items you'll need, let's go through the step-by-step process of getting them all:

Rebreather and gun

Begin your journey by locating the Rebreather and Rope Gun caves, both essential for exploration. Rebreather Cave is located close to the shore, while Rope Gun Cave is located on a small island off the coast.

Watch out for cannibals in the area and plan your approach carefully.

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To get the shovel, you need to use the rope gun to get to the third cave. This cave is located near Rebreather Cave and contains a shovel. Once you have a shovel, you can move on to the next step.

Maintenance key

Use the shovel to dig in the designated spot near the Rope Gun cave, which will reveal a maintenance key card. This card is necessary to access the VIP bunker later in the game.

vip card

Find the cave marked on your GPS that is closest to the Rebreather Cave. In this cave, you'll discover a VIP Key Card, another key item you'll need to escape.

Golden armor

The Golden Armor, your last item, is in a cave on the other side of the island. This cave is located near a large lake with a hidden entrance behind a maintenance key card door. Make sure you have your maintenance key card with you before going to this location.

Your way to the VIP bunker and the Golden Cube

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With all the necessary items in your possession, it's time to head to the VIP Bunker and Golden Cube, the main locations leading to the endgame:


The VIP bunker can be accessed with a maintenance Key Card. Once inside you will encounter challenging enemies, so be prepared to defend yourself.

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Navigate the underground facility until you reach the VIP living quarters, where you will find a golden door. Equip the gold armor and interact with the door to continue.

golden cube

When you enter the golden cube, you will experience a surreal sequence with alternate realities and a countdown. Stay focused and make the right decisions to advance to the end of the game.

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Theories of the End

Given the ambiguous nature of Sons of the Forest's ending, a number of fan theories have emerged trying to decipher the meaning of the event.

The prevailing theory revolves around the golden cube's connection to alternate dimensions and its role in turning humans into mutants. Players uncovering documents and books throughout the game provide clues to the existence of other realities, linking the game's events to cyberpunk.1] the universe.

Fans also speculate that the main character will meet Tim and Eric LeBlanc, characters from the first game, during his journey. Clues such as matching scars and dialogue implying a paternal relationship support this theory.

These intriguing theories provide fertile ground for exploration and discussion, keeping players engaged and involved in the game's story.

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Alternate endings

Sons of the Forest offers three different endings, with slight variations depending on player choices and the companions they bring.

The end of the battle with demons

Completing the "Fight with Demons" is one of the paths that lead you to the freedom of the haunted island. To reach this goal, you must board the rescue helicopter and leave the island.

Next to you, Kelvin and two mysterious men will accompany you on your way to civilization. While their identities may remain ambiguous, their presence adds a touch of intrigue to the game's conclusion.

Unlocks the "Demons Fought" achievement.

This achievement recognizes your bravery and determination to overcome the horrors of the island and successfully escape with Kelvin and the two enigmatic figures. It marks the end of a challenging journey and a test of your survival skills.

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The end of the demonic battle

The ending of "Fighting the Demons" gives an intriguing twist to his escape from the island. Instead of boarding a helicopter and saying goodbye to the wicked landscape, you decide to stay. As the helicopter takes off without you, you are trapped on the island and continue your game in this unforgiving environment.

Unlocks the "Fighting Demons" achievement.

By accepting this ending, you show your willingness to face the dangers of the island and choose a life of confidence and adventure. The 'Demon Fight' success recognizes your resilience and refusal to back down in the face of the challenges the island presents.

keep your friends close

The ending of 'Keep Your Friends Close' is a touching and heartbreaking conclusion to your journey in Sons of the Forest. To get to this ending, you need to befriend Kelvin and Virginia during the game.

As you make your way to the rescue helicopter, two companions join you in a series of golden cubes, witnessing the dimensional shift towards each other.

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Unlocks the "Keep Your Friends Close" achievement

This achievement symbolizes the strength of their friendships and the importance of friendship in the face of adversity.

As you keep Kelvin and Virginia safe and bond with them, you'll experience a rewarding ending that highlights the power of human connection.


Sons of the Forest offers players a captivating and enigmatic journey, allowing them to shape their own destiny and uncover the secrets of the island. Multiple endings add replayability and depth to the experience, encouraging players to explore different paths and outcomes.

As players continue to unravel the mysteries of Sons of the Forest, they are reminded that the island holds many secrets yet to be discovered. At the same time, players are encouraged to embrace the unknown, make wise decisions, and discover the many wonders that await them in Sons of the Forest.

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What is the Sons of the Forest ending explained? ›

This Sons of The Forest Ending is achieved by boarding the helicopter, allowing your character Kevin and two mysterious men to escape the island and return to civilisation successfully. You'll see an animation of the characters leaving the island as the credits roll, and also unlock the 'Fought Demons' achievement.

What is the true ending of the Forest? ›

Eric eventually encounters the revived Megan but discovers that the machine has turned her into a cannibalistic mutant and is forced to kill her when she mutates further. He then attempts to use her dead body as a sacrifice to bring back Timmy, though it ultimately ends in failure as a live sacrifice is needed.

What is the secret ending of the Sons of the Forest? ›

Getting Virginia as a companion unlocks a secret ending in Sons of the Forest. If you get Virginia as a companion and don't let Kelvin die, both of them will board the helicopter with you. This secret ending will grant you the 'Keep Your Friends Close' achievement.

Which ending to choose in Sons of the Forest? ›

Sons of the Forest endings
  • Bad ending: Left behind and "Fight Demons" achievement.
  • Good ending: Board the helicopter and "Fought Demons" achievement.
  • Best ending and secret ending: Everyone survives and "Keep Your Friends Close" achievement.
Feb 28, 2023

Is that Timmy at the end of Sons of the Forest? ›

During the final cutscene of the game, Timmy can be seen indicating at a timer on a laptop, signifying that something is going to happen. It's apparent that he knows far more about the location and its mysteries than you. Whatever he came here to do, he seems to be doing it and succeeding.

What was the cube in Sons of the Forest? ›

The Golden Cube is an artifact that through a link to Edward Puffton, allowed Puffton Corporation to establish multiple bunkers on the island along with multiple different golf courses.

Why was Sons of the Forest ending so bad? ›

If you opt to retrieve the backpack, the rescue helicopter will take off without you, leaving you stranded on the island forever. It's not all bad though – reaching this Sons of the Forest ending unlocks the 'Fight Demons' achievement, so you do get something for all your effort.

Will Sons of the Forest have a better ending? ›

Sons of the Forest features three distinct endings — a good ending, a bad ending, and a secret ending. All three endings require you to go through the gold arm door in a bunker on the eastern shore of the island, but each of them will require you to make different choices.

Can you keep playing Sons of the Forest after beating it? ›

You can keep playing with the others by reloading your save, but that'll put you back before the ending takes place. That wraps up our guide on the Sons of the Forest ending. If you want to find everything on the island before reaching the end, make sure to check out our interactive Sons of the Forest map.

Does Sons of the Forest have two endings? ›

In total, there are three endings to Sons of the Forest, with two of them being the normal endings and an extra secret ending. Although there are multiple endings for Sons of the Forest, it doesn't really affect the main story in any major way.

Is there anything in the helicopter in Sons of the Forest? ›

As you approach the Littlebird Crashsite, look for a Helicopter covered in ivy, surrounded by supply crates and 2 open briefcases. Grab the Pistol Rail and the Silencer from the open briefcases and you're all set to modify your Pistol in Sons of the Forest.

What happens to Kelvin after Sons of the Forest? ›

If Kelvin does succumb to the cannibal attacks, or if you decide to kill him yourself, then he won't respawn at all for the rest of your save. However, you can revive Kelvin (and Virginia, the other main companion) by tinkering with your save file.

Does Sons of the Forest tie into the Forest? ›

In terms of story, Sons of the Forest is a true sequel in that it is set after the events of The Forest.

What is the point of the girl in Sons of the Forest? ›

To help the players, the developer Endtime Games has provided two virtual companions namely Kevin and Virginia who provide unconditional support in need. Virginia is a three-legged, three-armed mutant lady who can fight alongside the players and aid them in various ways like hunting, gathering food items etc.

What is the point of Sons of the Forest? ›

It's a survival game that throws players into the wilderness and tasks them with staying alive for as long as possible. You play a member of a special forces team sent to track down a missing billionaire and his family on a large, forested island.

Is Timmy and his dad in Sons of the Forest? ›

Timmy and Eric LeBlanc return in Sons of the Forest

Additionally, during a cutscene where you face off against a huge mutant, the older man yells, “Get down, son,” indicating a parental connection.

What happens if K dies in Sons of the Forest? ›

Kelvin, the super helpful NPC in Sons of the Forest, is an asset to have in your gameplay. However, if he takes damage and dies, he won't come back to life, at least not officially in the game.


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