The 35 Best Book Club Books to Talk About in 2022 (2023)

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The 35 Best Book Club Books to Talk About in 2022 (1)

It seems that nowadays everyone and their dog have a book club. But it doesn't matter if you're a seasoned veteran or just starting aOnline-BuchclubIn 2020, you are probably faced with the same question: "What should we read next?"

When decision fatigue sets in, choosing the next reading group can be the most difficult part of the process. But fear not, we are here to help you. Whether you're looking for cutting-edge new releases for 2021 or classic picks, we've selected 35 of the best book club books that are sure to start the conversation and have you ready to dive in.

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2021 Releases Will Boost Your Book Club

If your book club prides itself on keeping up with the latest literary releases, you've come to the right place. Here are 12 book club books we think you'll love that are new for 2021. Pop them into your TBR and you'll be set for the rest of the year.

The 35 Best Book Club Books to Talk About in 2022 (2)

1.clear and the sunde Kazuo Ishiguro

In the most anticipated sci-fi premiere of this year,Booker winner Kazuo Ishiguro returns with enthusiasm and sensitivity about personality and what it means to be human - his bread and butter. Klara is a humanoid robot built to be an "artificial friend". When she is chosen as the partner of a seriously ill 14-year-old girl, Klara is confronted with aspects of being human that she was naive about: love, loneliness and mortality. address important questions about AI and the ethics of technology,clear and the sunit's the fuel for an exciting book club discussion.

The 35 Best Book Club Books to Talk About in 2022 (3)

2.girl Aby Abigail Dean

Is there a member of your book club who, despite their best efforts, never makes it through the book? (And hey, don't judge! We all have busy lives!). Well, fear not: we have the answer. Abigail Dean's first novelgirl Ais a gripping thriller that will keep even the most lethargic reader to the end..The novel follows Lex, the titular A-girl, as she flees her abusive home, dubbed the "House of Horrors" by the media, and tries to put the past behind her. But when Lex's mother dies in prison, leaving her and her siblings in her home, it becomes clear that she can't escape her past. An unflinching look at the aftermath of traumagirl AIt's one of those highly-hyped book club books that your club is sure to devour.

The 35 Best Book Club Books to Talk About in 2022 (4)

3.fake accountsby Lauren Oyler

Vonfake accounts, Zadie Smith wrote: “This novel made me want to step away from contemporary reality. I loved it." And we couldn't agree more. A cutting-edge look at internet culture, social media, and the malleability of identity in the modern age.fake accountsis a challenging but timely debut from author Lauren Oyler. The narrator, an unidentified young woman, is snooping around her boyfriend's phone on the night of Donald Trump's inauguration when she makes a startling discovery: he is a notorious online conspiracy theorist. A series of incredible revelations leads the narrator to Berlin, where the story is just beginning. Oyler clearly has his finger on the pulse of 2020 culture and the absolute truths within.fake accountsit will certainly lead to heated arguments in your reading group.

The 35 Best Book Club Books to Talk About in 2022 (5)

4.AquariumVon Yaara Shehori

The Ackermans willingly live in their own world. Father Alex, mother Anna, and daughters Lili and Dori are all deaf: they avoid "hearing" at all costs. Instead, they live an alternate lifestyle, just watching strangers from a distance. But when a momentous secret is discovered, the family falls apart and the girls are forced to navigate the world of audiences alone.Abeautiful exploration of love and brotherhood,Aquariumraises fascinating questions about the nature of disability and identity.

The 35 Best Book Club Books to Talk About in 2022 (6)

5.dirty animalspor Brandon Taylor

If you're after a tight-knit novel series in search of a palate cleanser, you can do a lot worse than that.dirty animalsA series of linked vignettes from critically acclaimed author Brandon Taylor,dirty animalsoffers a snapshot of life in the American Midwest from a variety of perspectives, including a young woman battling cancer, a young man navigating an open relationship, and a group of teenagers whose tensions reach boiling point. Your book club will be delighted to unravel this complex web of relationships, and the variety of stories ensures there is something for everyone.

The 35 Best Book Club Books to Talk About in 2022 (7)

6.out of the lawby Anna North

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Ada is running out of time. In a border town where women unable to bear children are hanged for witchcraft, she is not yet pregnant and her first wedding anniversary is fast approaching. As she panics, Ada realizes that her hometown is no longer safe, so she flees. She joins the infamous Hole in the Wall Gang, a group of non-binary women and thugs who dream of creating a safe haven for women at the border, but the risks they must take to get there are high. Unlike anything her book club has ever read, this Wild West piece isfeminist fictionit's a littletrue courage, a littleit is The maid's storyand many adventures.

The 35 Best Book Club Books to Talk About in 2022 (8)

7.As the one-armed sister sweeps the houseby Cherie Jones

In Cherie Jones's acclaimed debut novel, a murder sends two very different couples into orbit..Set in Barbados, this thriller shatters our notions of an island paradise and reveals the dark side that lurks in even the most picturesque communities. We follow two women: pregnant hairdresser Lala, trapped in an abusive marriage, and wealthy Mira, who has given up her luxurious life in London and moved back to Baxter's Beach. When Lala knocks on Mira's front door late at night, alone and in labor, a violent and shocking event unfolds. A searing study of class and crime, there's no way you're putting this book club book to the last page.

The 35 Best Book Club Books to Talk About in 2022 (9) of the good boysby Maika and Maritza Moulite

Public outrage is overwhelming when teenage activist Kezi tragically dies after a social justice rally. Her sisters Happi and Genny have to reckon with an unexpected outcome in dealing with her own grief: the elevation of her brilliant but very humane sister to an infallible martyr. As the public labels Kezi's memory as 'one of the good guys', her sisters struggle to reconcile the real Kezi with the angelic persona she has become. They ask uncomfortable questions about legacy, fallibility, and who "deserves" to be pitied and, by implication, who doesn't. Deeply current and uplifting,one of the good boysis certified must-read by a powerful sister duo.

The 35 Best Book Club Books to Talk About in 2022 (10)

10let me say what i want to sayfor Joan Didion

Another great option for any book club facing novel fatigue. Fans of the essay form will be delighted to know that 2021 brings a whole new range of writing from the incomparable Joan Didion. Spanning her entire career, this timeless collection of pieces explores insecurity, femininity and culture in general. A colorful array of characters and situations fill the pages of this handpicked anthology, meaning you'll be spoiled for choice when it comes to topics of conversation.

The 35 Best Book Club Books to Talk About in 2022 (11)

11Toothy: A Novelby Kristen Arnett

Sammie loses her balance in life. Her son worried about her is becoming more and more threatening and she begins to resent the absence of her wife. As tensions reach boiling point, she must acknowledge her own mistakes as she tries to figure out where things went wrong. Peppered with surprising moments of dry humor despite her challenging subject matter, Kristen Arnett's latest novel is a deeply candid exploration of family dynamics and the trials and tribulations of parenthood.

The 35 Best Book Club Books to Talk About in 2022 (12)

12a pho love storyof Loan Le

It's a story as old as time: young lovers from rival families must battle against all odds to make their romance work. butlent himThe 21st century reinterpretation has a (not so) secret ingredient: a serving of noodle soup. The Bao and Linh families run rival Vietnamese restaurants. As romance blossoms between them, they must decide what they are willing to risk to pursue their hearts' desire. This debut novel is a nutritious and tasty romantic comedy that is guaranteed to delight. It's the big dose of convenience your book club has been craving. (Noodle soup for the soul, anyone?)

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Classic Evergreen for Reading Club Books

If you're not in the mood for a new release and want to settle for some tried-and-true reading, we've picked a few here because they'll start the conversation. These much-discussed volumes range from the oldest of the ancients (we're talking800 v. Chr) to critically acclaimed new releases that your book club may have missed and that we think are worth re-reading.

The 35 Best Book Club Books to Talk About in 2022 (13)

13the secret storypowder donna tart

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If you haven't picked up this cult classic yet, it's definitely time to propose.the secret storyto the group A Heady, Atmospheric Mystery That Spawned An Entire Subculture (“Dark Academy,” Anyone?),the secret storyit's aroman majoritylike no other. The story follows a group of classical music students at an elite university and describes their gradual disintegration, a downward spiral that ends with a death within their ranks. As you'll know if you've ever met one of the novel's loyal fan bases, it's a book people can't stop talking about—perfect book club fodder.

The 35 Best Book Club Books to Talk About in 2022 (14)

14frankensteinde Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

More than 200 years after its publication, Mary Shelley's questionsfrankensteinit remains as urgent as ever. Given its continued relevance in popular culture, you're probably already familiar with the plot, so let's not bore you; But suffice it to say that this groundbreaking story about a scientist creating a sentient being still rings true today.frankensteinIt will keep your book group busy with discussions of personality, humanity, and scientific ethics until the wee hours of the morning, especially since this horror classic will scare you more than a little.

The 35 Best Book Club Books to Talk About in 2022 (15)

sixteen.The strange incident of the dog in the nightpor Mark Haddon

There is a certain snobbery in including young adult fiction and children's fiction on a book club reading list. But even the most skeptical reader will find his preconceptions challenged by Mark Haddon's superlative coming-of-age thriller.The strange incident of the dog in the nightfollows Christopher, a boy with autism, who investigates the mysterious death of his neighbor's dog, only to discover a series of unexpected and uncomfortable truths about his family. Stimulate important discussions about identity and provide insight into the challenges and opportunities of neurodivergence.the strange incidenthe is deeply affectionate YA. Moral of the story: Don't think Kidlit can't be serious!

The 35 Best Book Club Books to Talk About in 2022 (16)

17. shuggie bainby Douglas Stuart

A word of warning: This 2020 Booker winner is not an easy drink. The moving story of Shuggie, a working-class boy in Thatcher-era Glasgow, is relentlessly harrowing, tackling themes of addiction, abuse, sexual assault and suicide. This brutal investigation of a toxic bond between mother and son shocked readers and critics alike, but captured something universal in its authentic depiction of family life under impossible circumstances. If his club is looking for a critically acclaimed read that tackles serious issues,Shuggieis an important new release for you.

The 35 Best Book Club Books to Talk About in 2022 (17)

18The odysseyby Homer

Ancient Greek literature may seem dry, but there's a reason readers have been drawn to the Odyssey's siren song for millennia. The story of Odysseus's journey to his faithful wife, Penelope, is a seminal text, one that echoes in many of your favorite modern titles. So whether you're delving into literary history or want to better appreciate some of its modern cues by better understanding its ancient references, invite your book club to this blast from the past.

The 35 Best Book Club Books to Talk About in 2022 (18)

19The Da Vinci Codepor and brown

Some people love it, some people hate it, and some call it "the intellectual equivalent of Kraft mac and cheese" (and by "some people" we mean Stephen King). Wherever it ends up, there's no denying that Dan Brown's film is a blockbuster blockbuster.The Da Vinci Codeit's divisive enough to start the conversation. This art historical thriller follows a twisted tale of murder and code-breaking steeped in art history and religion, and it's literally impossible not to comment, for better or worse.

The 35 Best Book Club Books to Talk About in 2022 (19)

20War of the Worldsby H.G. Wells

Your book club is usually limited to literary fiction, but if you want a balanced diet, don't neglect the fiction genre! For those looking for a healthy portionScience fiction, you might want to start with HG Wells's 1897 classic,war two worlds🇧🇷 In addition to the shallow plot chronicling the traumatic arrival of the Martians on Earth, you'll find cleverly crafted social commentary exploring the ravages of colonialism in allegorical terms. Careful reading and close inspection are rewarded here, making it a book club staple.

The 35 Best Book Club Books to Talk About in 2022 (20)

21girl, woman, otherby Bernardine Evaristo

Great book club books usually ask a general question and challenge the reader to find an answer. In case ofgirl, woman, other,this question is clear: What does it mean to be a girl, woman or gender non-conforming person in Black Britain?This stunning portrait of twelve non-binary women and people from the African Diaspora is as graphic as it is compelling. Evaristo's mastery of the story ensures that each section is a stand-alone gem, each following one of our twelve main characters whose intersecting lives transcend lines of class and identity. As good as it is important, if you haven't read it yet, you better do so sooner rather than later.

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The 35 Best Book Club Books to Talk About in 2022 (21)

22the book thiefver Markus Zusak

For an elegant piece of historical fiction, Markus Zusakbook thiefis a good choice for many book clubs. Covering a wide range of topics, this World War II novel tells the story of Liesel, a young woman coming of age in Nazi Germany. Perhaps best known for being a book about death, this may sound a bit off-putting to some readers. But far from being dark or enigmatic, the beautiful prose and moments of joy make this unique and cleverly executed narrative point of view a delight to analyze.

The 35 Best Book Club Books to Talk About in 2022 (22)

23My life in Middlemarchpowder Rebecca Met

If there is one thing that book lovers love to read, it is book lovers. If you want to pamper yourself a little,My life in Middlemarchis a beautiful reflection on the importance of reading that avid readers are sure to appreciate. Part memoir, part ode to literature, author Rebecca Mead takes us through the story of her and her evolving lifelong relationship with George Eliots.mid march(another book club classic, if you don't mind long books). An ideal choice when your club's motivation is waning and you need a reminder of the life-changing magic of a good book.

The 35 Best Book Club Books to Talk About in 2022 (23)

24lord of the fliespor William Golding

While we may instinctively resist the books we've always been told to read, sometimes the classics are classics for a reason. As brilliant as controversial (It is the eighth most banned book in American libraries.),lord of the fliesit's shocking, visceral, and a guaranteed conversation starter. Golding's book is the story of a group of children stranded on a desert island and their subsequent struggle to find order in the chaos. It is a brutal look at humanity, community and civilization. It's a staple of any book club due to the timelessness of its themes, but beware: it's not for the faint of heart.

The 35 Best Book Club Books to Talk About in 2022 (24)

25My sister is a serial killerde Oyinkan Braithwaite

If you had to choose between living the life of the man you love or preserving your sister's freedom, which would you choose? In other words, is blood thicker than water if it's real blood? Okinyan Braithwaite's first black humor and suspense novel asks these questions, among many others: among others, where is the line between comedy and horror. One of our recommendations forMust-read books by African-American authors,My sister is a serial killerwill provoke heated debates and nervous giggles in equal measure.

The 35 Best Book Club Books to Talk About in 2022 (25)

26🇧🇷 Fleishman is in troubleby Taffy Brodesser-Akner

Launched in 2019 to a relentless buzz,Fleishman is in troubletells the story of a bitter divorce, a forty-year-old man navigating the world of online dating, and a sudden disappearance. The story of Fleishman and the disappearance of his ex-wife says as much about the marriage of 21 as only a truly concise book can.) But if you manage to bear the pain, you won't be disappointed in this hilarious, funny, yet violently moving book that secretly packs a powerful feminist punch.

The 35 Best Book Club Books to Talk About in 2022 (26)

27Tierfarmpor George Orwell

Over time, it seems to have become something unique to the teaching of high school English, but much remains to be discovered in George Orwell's 1945 novel. This allegorical tale of political power, democracy, and communism, all explored Through the lens of farm animals, it's a lasting statement that never fails to rock us, making it a guaranteed hit on any newsgroup. Even if his knowledge of World War II and the Stalin era is a little rustier than he'd like, Orwell's prose is so crisp, persuasive, and clear that he can't help but overhear some of what he says. .Tierfarm -and feel a little dazzled by its brilliance. Full of wit and humor, this is a book for everyone.

The 35 Best Book Club Books to Talk About in 2022 (27)

28the midnight libraryby MattHaig

Yet another book that explores the power of literature to transport and transform us,the midnight libraryit's heartwarming fodder for the kind of avid readers who make up a book club. The premise is intriguing: imagine being able to retrace each fork in the road throughout your life and live each of the lives you would have lived had you made different choices. What would you change? Well, if you read the books that line the shelves of the Library at midnight, you can do just that. A delicious dose of magical realism,the midnight libraryasks questions about regret and fate that make you remember.

The 35 Best Book Club Books to Talk About in 2022 (28)

29Go and post a guardby HarperLee

Sometimes the best book discussions are thinly veiled arguments. If you're going to throw a cat among the pigeons, suggest this deeply controversial first draft from Harper Lee.killing a birdfor your book club.Split among casual readers as well as literary critics and historians, this book offers an unexpected departure from the civil rights classic with which we are most familiar. It will lead to interesting discussions about authorship, ownership and how much a book can belong to its readers. And hey, if you like doing a double bill, why not read both?guardianmiSpottdrossel— The comparison between the two is the place of debate.if reallyHeating.

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The 35 Best Book Club Books to Talk About in 2022 (29)

30. three womenby Lisa Tadeo

If you're looking to broaden your genre horizons, why not offer a narrativenon-fictiona try? Lisa Taddeo is awesomethree womenit's a great way to dip your toes into the waters of creative journalism. Based on the true stories of (surprise, surprise) three women, Taddeo chronicles their sexual and emotional lives in stunning detail. A complex snapshot of the inner worlds and sexuality of 21st century American women, this book will challenge his preconceptions about what nonfiction should be like.

The 35 Best Book Club Books to Talk About in 2022 (30)

31beautiful new worldVon Aldous Huxley

Aldous Huxley's classic masterpiece is a chilling prediction of a future that came much faster than he expected. Reading this 1932 novel becomes increasingly rewarding as the decades go by, allowing us to read with a firm footing in the present and to see the uncanny parallels between Huxley's speculative future and our own modern world. A prescient and brilliant work of dystopian science fiction,beautiful new worldit's a must - so why not kill two birds with one stone and schedule a book club read?mione ofBooks to read in front of youdie at once?

The 35 Best Book Club Books to Talk About in 2022 (31)

32🇧🇷 The golden compassby Philip Pullman

Another SFF classic that generates intriguing discussions is that of Philip Pullmanfantasy seriesit's so thematically rich that the fantastical elements are just the icing on the cake, although the talking polar bears and shape-shifting demons are the icing on the cake. For those who enjoy drawing parallels between fiction and the real world, Pullman's presentation of an alternative Oxford astutely tackles religious and political power in a world much closer to our own than first impressions suggest, leaving plenty of room for discussion and group analysis. 🇧🇷

The 35 Best Book Club Books to Talk About in 2022 (32) costsby Haruki Murakami

Undoubtedly one of the most influential authors of all time, the deeply idiosyncratic Haruki Murakami's work is profoundly challenging and often elicits an ecstatic positive or outright negative response. His little style is divisive, and his often whimsical narrative structures consciously confuse his readers. Kafka on the shore is oursRecommended starting point for this exceptional author: It's something you'll want to talk about once you're done, so you'd better get a whole book club to do it with you.

The 35 Best Book Club Books to Talk About in 2022 (33)

34🇧🇷 Little Fires Everywhere: A Novelby Celeste Ng

Exciting 2017 by Celeste Ngpsychological thrillerexplores annoyingly familiar territory for most readers. This domestic drama details a mother's fears and dangers of becoming too attached to her children, driving related concerns to her most extreme conclusions. Ng's second novel, which also brought up important conversations about race and class, became a book club classic immediately upon publication. If you skipped it the first time, it's worth going back.

The 35 Best Book Club Books to Talk About in 2022 (34)

35.The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobepor C. S. Lewis

children's bookIt may seem like part of your literary training, but remember that there is often more to some of your childhood favorites than meets the eye. A classic worth checking out isThe Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe: CS Lewis' Biblical Allegory may have outgrown you as a child, but it's a masterpiece of symbolism that you'll appreciate on a whole new level as an adult. It also earns extra points for nostalgia, making it a surefire hit at any book club night.


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