The 10 largest temples in the world in 2023 (2023)

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Top 10 Greatest Temples In The World: Many people around the world believe in countless divine beings. The shrines of these gods are the most important religious sites, some of them are large, others extraordinarily large. Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs and many religions often build temples as religious sites. So we list hereTHE 10 LARGEST TEMPLES IN THE WORLD.


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Sanctuary of BaalbekIt is one of the most fascinating archaeological sites in north-eastern Lebanon. It was the largest sanctuary of the Roman Empire, called Heliopolis by the Romans. The Romans built three sanctuaries in this area with Jupiter, Bacchus and Venus as the main gods.

Jupiter's shrine has 54 heavy rock pillars in a row, and only 6 of these monstrous pillars remain standing. The Romans built the sanctuary of Bacchus in AD 150 and the site is still protected on all sides. Its partitions are adorned with 42 Corinthian pivots and stand upright. The Roman gods Hadad, Atargatis and a young divine male fertility force were essentially worshiped.

Temple Brihadeeswarar

The shrine is a Hindu sacred place dedicated to Lord Shiva on the south bank of the Kaveri River in Tamil Nadu, India. He is also known as Rajarajesvaram or Peruvudaiyar Kovil. sanctuary technique. It is probably the largest shrine in South India, carved from a single stone, a sketch of Dravidian engineering. The general sanctuary is made of rock and the main sanctuary is made of rock.

The shrine is about 66 meters high, and a Nandi (bull) form is about 16 feet long and 13 feet high, also carved from a single stone. Raja Chola | he made this shrine around AD 1010. In some capacities, the sanctuary guarantees a staff of 600 people. Since ancient times, Brihadeeswarar Shrine has been the largest shrine of Lord Shiva in the world. This shrine is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its brilliantly defined composite design.

Meenakshi-Temple Amman

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Meenakshi Amman Temple – O MAIOR TEMPLE

In the heavenly city of Madurai, India, there is a registered Hindu temple calledSantuario Meenakshi Sundareswararor Meenakshi Amman ("Mother Meenakshi" in Old Tamil). It is dedicated to Lord Shiva, here called Sundareswarar or the Handsome Lord, and his better half Parvati, known specifically as Meenakshi.

The shrine is the focal point of Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India. Madurai is an ancient city that is around 2,500 years old. The shrine's engineering contains 14 impressive gopurams or towers with two superimposed gopurams for the essential gods, exquisitely engraved and captured, displaying ancient Indian designs and sculptural skills.

Tikal (Paste IV)

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TikalIt is one of the largest areas of Maya civilization in Latin America and the Caribbean in Guatemala. Tikal was a city of the ancient Maya civilization that was home to numerous pyramid sanctuaries. In any case, the largest, the fourth, was built in 741 AD with a height of 64.6 meters. Like Mesopotamia and the antiquated Indus Valley civilization, Tikal was among the large urban Maya communities that assumed a distinctive quality in the early Classic period (AD 250-600). Tikal gained its wealth by using its natural resources and topographical territory to become the main Maya superpower. Sanctuary IV is the seventh largest sanctuary in the world and is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Jetavana Ramaya

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Jetavanaramaya – THE GREATEST TEMPLE

IsJetavana RamayaIt is the largest stupa complex in the world when estimating the size. It is located in the city of Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka. The ruler Mahasena built it in the 3rd century AD C. Its development took a long time and about 93.3 million prepared blocks were used.

King died during development, but it was completed by his son. MaghavanI Jetavanaramaya when completed was the third tallest building on the planet behind the Egyptian Pyramids, standing at 122 meters (400 feet). The Royal Vault is about 95 meters wide. Its technique is like a mound and it has Buddhist relics, remains of deceased priests.

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Sri Ranganathaswamy

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Sri Ranganathaswamy – THE GREATEST TEMPLE

Tempel Sri RanganathaswamyIt is a critical sacred place dedicated to Lord Ranganatha (Red Vision of Lord Vishnu). It is also one of the most famous shrines in India, which gets filled with huge numbers of travelers and fans every year.
The temple is also one of the conspicuous heavenly sanctuaries and covers an area of ​​156 land sections (6,31,000 square meters). It is 73 meters high and dates from the 17th century but was completed in 1987.


The Shailendra Dynasty built this shrine around the 9th century in Magelang, Central Java. The main god of the place of worship is the Lord Buddha and it is essentially an ancient contemplation community gathered by priests. The sanctuary includes six square stages, three circular stages above, perfectly lit with 2,672 embossed panels and 504 Buddha models.
In addition, 72 Buddha images in a position facing the central peak of the upper tier surround the shrine. The total area of ​​the whole resort is about 2500 square meters.

Tempel Akshardham

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Akashardham Temple – THE LARGEST TEMPLE

Completed in 2005 by the spiritual organization BAPS, no expense was spared in the decorationTempel Akshardham. The building was inspired and moderated by Pramukh Swami Maharaj, the current leader of Swaminarayan Hinduism. The central monument is 141 feet (43 meters) high, 316 feet (96 meters) wide, and 370 feet (110 meters) long, and is covered top to bottom with carved details of flora, fauna, dancers, musicians, and deities. . . It is made entirely of pink Rajasthani sandstone and Italian Carrara marble and is not supported by steel or concrete.

Karnak (Great Hypostyle Hall)

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Karnak (Great Hypostyle Hall) – THE BIGGEST TEMPLE

It is perhaps the most visited site in Egypt after the Great Pyramid. Ruined as they are, there aren't many places in Egypt worth visitingFaculty. It is the largest ancient sanctuary in the world and represents the overall achievement of Egypt's industrial age. In fact, Karnak consists of a few different shrines.

The Hypostyle Hall is the largest and most famous, covering an area of ​​5,000 square meters. Building development began in the Middle Kingdom of Sesostris I and lasted until the Ptolemaic period. The Enclosure of Amun-Ra, Enclosure of Mut, Enclosure of Montu and Temple of Amenhotep IV are the main components. This is the old-fashioned shrine built in the Ptolemaic era.

Angkor Wat

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Temple of Angkor WatThe complex is the largest sanctuary in the world in Cambodia and the country's public symbol. The Temple of Angkor Wat, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, has 500 sections of covered land to the north. Khmer King Suryavarman II developed the shrine complex. Many experts consider it the largest strict Old World focus in Southeast Asia. The protected area covers 162.6 hectares or 1,626,000 square meters. Built in the early 12th century, the shrine was dedicated to Lord Vishnu and later became a Buddhist center (Buddha is believed to be the resurrection of Vishnu). It mimics the structural layout of Mount Meru, a sacrosanct mountain in both Buddhism and Hinduism.

The main tower is 65 meters high and surrounded by four different battlements. The three-storey building has a central hall with Buddha photos and artwork depicting scenes from the Ramayana and Mahabharata. The essential material in the development of this sanctuary was sandstone. At the entrance of the Angkor Wat sanctuary, the models and engravings are well designed. In the 3.2 meter high shrine stands a sculpture of Lord Vishnu. The exterior exposure of Angkor Wat shrine covers 186 x 215 meters. So at this point, the next two screens are connected. The second stage is 100 x 115 meters (328 x 377 meters). The inner screen has a rectangular area of ​​60 x 60 meters. The pinnacle is 65 meters above the floor of the main sanctuary.


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