Online invoicing: everything you need to know in 2021 (2023)

Many innovations in the aviation industry have been madefor the worstabout the flight experience of travelers.

Online check-in is not one of them.

One party often benefits more from changes than the other. For example, the increase in the number of seats on airplanes has resulted in less comfort for passengers, especially when it comes to legroom (or lack thereof). Compensation for flight cancellations, on the other hand, (rightly) benefits the passengers.

However, online check-in is one of those rare improvements that are beneficial to both passengers and airlines.

In this updated guide for 2021 we cover:

  • What is online check-in?
  • Why you need to register online
  • What are the advantages of online check-in?
  • What you should consider when checking in online
  • When to check in online
  • How to register online
  • Why can't you check in online?
  • Useful links for checking in with your airline

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What is online check-in?

Online check-in allows you to pre-register for your flight through the airline's website or mobile app. In 2021, most airlines have set up an online check-in process for their customers.

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The so-called web check-in differs from the conventional check-in for your flight, as you no longer have to wait until you arrive at the airport to check-in, but can check in before the day of the flight. I fly comfortably from home

As we'll see in a moment, the registration process is relatively simple and has benefits that transform the flying experience.

Why do you need to register online?

Online check-in is so convenient that some airlines have even made it mandatory. What's in it for you?

Because it helps airlines do what they want: save money by cutting costs. Because the online check-in process requires less paper and fewer staff at the airport check-in counter, and saves a lot of time (and therefore money) compared to checking in at the airport, setting up this process is easy for you. airlines.

And that should matter to you too – lower costs may allow airlines to offer cheaper fares!

That's why low-cost airlines like easyjet, Wizzair and Ryanair have made online check-in mandatory. And if you're interested in saving money on airfare, do it.

Airlines also benefit from checking passengers in at home, as this lets them know that you will most likely show up for your flight. This means they are less likely to sell your home to someone else. As a result, you're much less likely to be denied boarding when checking in online, and the airline doesn't have to pay youCompensation for Excess Reserves.

What are the advantages of online check-in?

Choice of your seat

The only way to choose your seat yourself, rather than randomly assigned, is through online check-in.

Now there is a caveat: many airlines (mainly low-cost airlines) have taken this opportunity to get more money from travelers by randomly assigning them a seat during the online check-in process and charging an additional fee for seat selection demand. You want to.

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That being said, choosing the right seat can make or break your entire flight, especially if you intend tosleep on the planeSo don't waste this opportunity. And remember, if you check in early, you'll have more seat choices.

Save time by avoiding check-in machines

Whether you're traveling with checked baggage or just carry-on baggage, you'll save time at the airport by checking in online.

If you're traveling with only one carry-on bag, you can proceed to security as soon as you arrive at the airport instead of waiting at the check-in counter since you already have your printed boarding pass. , or even better, your electronic ticket.

If you brought checked baggage, look for a line that says something like "checked baggage only" instead of "checked and checked baggage." These queues are usually shorter and quicker as airport staff only has to carry your luggage.

Save money on extra baggage

As we will see below, you can add extra baggage to your reservation during the online check-in process if you forgot it when purchasing your tickets.

Buying extra baggage when checking in online is often cheaper than waiting until you get to the airport.

Improving your travel experience

With online check-in, you can do more to enhance your travel experience than just choose your seat. Airlines have adjusted the process to give you the option to withdraw your credit card one more time before your flight.

Rather than just allowing you to check in for your flight, the airline also allows you to:

  • add extra baggage
  • Purchase Priority Boarding to be among the first passengers to board the aircraft
  • Book a hotel or rent a car with one of our partners
  • add insurance
  • And more

Check in from anywhere

Since all you need is an internet connection, you can check in anywhere, either on the airline's website or in the app.

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I recommend doing this on your phone so you can download your boarding pass or e-ticket directly and make sure you have it with you when you fly. I usually download the airline's app so I have all my travel information in one place.

What should you pay attention to?

Some airlines will charge you if you don't check in online or if you don't have a printed copy of your boarding pass. For example, Wizzair will charge you between €10 and €30 to check-in at the airport instead of online, and up to €50 per passenger if your boarding pass is not printed.

What if you can't print your boarding pass? Even if you don't have a printer, you can register online and pick up your copy at the airport. If you have a smartphone, most airlines will also be able to scan it directly from the screen in 2021. Even if you don't have a printed copy of your boarding pass, your seat is secure.

Also, related to the previous section, don't be fooled by all the "amazing deals" the airline throws at you when you check in online. Ask yourself if you really need the offer to improve your trip and buy it.

Finally, remember the check-in time: the airline can deny you boarding if you don't check in on time. In that case, not only would you not be able to board the ship, you would not be entitled to do soDenied Boarding Compensation, as this would be considered your responsibility.

When you can check in online for your flight

Most airlines allow you to check in 24 to 48 hours before departure, up to a few hours before departure. Be sure to register during this time slot, and remember that when choosing a seat, the earlier the better.

Please note that in Europe some low cost airlines such as easyJet and Wizz Air allow passengers to check in online up to 30 days before departure.

How to check in online for your flight

To check in online you will need your flight details, your PNR (also known as your booking number or confirmation number) and your passport number if you are flying internationally. You also need to know the number of bags you are checking in.

Go to the airline's website or app and look for the "Online Check-in" section. Enter your confirmation number and passenger details, follow all the add-on purchase steps until you finally have the opportunity to download or have your e-ticket sent to your email address.

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One thing to note if you bought your tickets through an online travel agent or somewhere other than the airline: the booking confirmation you need to check in online comes from the airline, not a third party reservation confirmation number.

All you need to board the plane is the ID you used to check in and your mobile device with your e-ticket or boarding pass.

Why can't you check in online?

Unfortunately, online check-in is not always possible and you may not be able to do so if:

  • They were (randomly) selectedsecondary screening
  • You have requested special care for a child traveling alone or in a wheelchair
  • Traveling with a large group (many people on the same reservation)
  • The first flight of your itinerary will be operated by one of the airline's codeshare partners
  • The airline has not yet saved your passport (for international travel only)

If you're trying to register online but can't, it's probably for one of these reasons. Therefore, you should arrive at the airport earlier and go to the check-in machine before your flight.

Useful links for online check-in with your airline

North America

American Airlines Online-Check-in
Delta Air Lines Online-Check-in
Online check-in Southwest
United Airlines Online-Check-in


Online-Check-in bei British Airways
Online invoice in Iberia
Online check-in at Lufthansa
Wizz Air-Online-Check-in

Final words about online check-in

Online check-in will undoubtedly make your trip even more enjoyable and help you leave with peace of mind. The good news is that almost all major airlines offer this option these days!

So if you want to save time when checking in your bags, choosing your seat on the plane and enjoying the best possible flight experience, be sure to check in online for your next flight!

Save money when traveling with a simple connection to your inbox!

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What is the rule for e-invoicing? ›

Electronic invoicing system was introduced for taxpayers with Aggregate Annual Turnover of more than ` 500 Cr from 01st October, 2022 for B2B transactions and for export invoices vide Notification No. 13/2020-Central Tax dated 21.03. 2020.

What are 5 things that should be included in an invoice? ›

What should be included in an invoice?
  • 1. ' Invoice' ...
  • A unique invoice number. ...
  • Your company name and address. ...
  • The company name and address of the customer. ...
  • A description of the goods/services. ...
  • The date of supply. ...
  • The date of the invoice. ...
  • The amount of the individual goods or services to be paid.
Jul 19, 2022

What you need to know about invoicing? ›

The invoice must describe each product or type of service rendered. The cost of each individual item or service must be included. The taxable amount for the products or services must be included. The total amount due for payment must be clearly included in the invoice.

Who is excluded from e-invoicing? ›

Taxpayers Exempted From EInvoicing

Insurance Company. Banking Company or a Financial Institution, including a Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) Goods Transport Agency (GTA) transporting goods by road in a goods carriage. Transport service provider, providing passenger transportation service.

What is the minimum amount for e invoice? ›

The government had plans to make e invoicing mandatory for businesses with a cumulative yearly turnover of over Rs. 5 crore in any previous financial year from 2017-18 to 2021-22 from 1st January 2023.

What should you not put on an invoice? ›

7. Incorrect or missing details.
  • Legal company name and number.
  • Office address.
  • The client's name and address.
  • Invoice number.
  • Invoice date.
  • Due date.
  • Any tax numbers that may be required by local law.
  • Payment terms.
May 27, 2017

What are 2 of the most important components of an invoice? ›

Generally, in terms of the content in an invoice, you're going to have two main sections. The first, with the contact information of the parties and the payment details. Then a second, with a list of the goods and services. Oftentimes, the contact information will be above, and the details of the items below.

What are the two types of invoicing? ›

Different types of invoices explained
  • Proforma invoice. Sent before any work is carried out, these documents list out the goods and services being provided along with the price. ...
  • Interim invoice. ...
  • Recurring invoice. ...
  • Final invoice. ...
  • Collective invoice. ...
  • Credit invoice. ...
  • Debit invoice. ...
  • Account statement.

What is p2p cycle? ›

Procure-to-pay is the process of integrating purchasing and accounts payable systems to create greater efficiencies. It exists within the larger procurement management process and involves four key stages: selecting goods and services; enforcing compliance and order; receiving and reconciliation; invoicing and payment.

What is the journal entry for an invoice? ›

When you send an invoice to a customer, you enter it as a journal entry to the accounting journal. For the journal entry, you can document the total amount due from the invoice as a debit in the accounts receivable account. You also list the total amount due from the invoice as a credit in the sales account.

What are the three types of invoice? ›

Here are three of the most common types of invoices and what they're used for.
  • Pro forma invoice. A pro forma invoice is like a “pre” invoice. ...
  • Interim invoice. An interim invoice is designed to break down the cost of a big project into smaller payments. ...
  • Final invoice. ...
  • Simplify the invoicing process.

What are the 2 main purposes of creating an invoice? ›

Businesses need to create invoices to ensure they get paid by their clients. Invoices serve as legally enforceable agreements between a business and its clients, as they provide documentation of services rendered and payment owed. Invoices also help businesses track their sales and manage their finances.

What are invoicing skills? ›

Invoice Clerk skills and qualifications

Excellent written and verbal communication skills. Understanding of basic accounting math. Strong attention to detail to keep accurate accounting entries. Familiar with accounting software, such as FreshBooks. Solid organizational skills to keep track of invoices.

What happens if e invoice not generated? ›

Penalty for non-issuance of e-Invoice- 100% of the tax due or Rs. 10,000 whichever is higher.

Who is responsible for invoicing? ›

Invoice clerks, also known as billing clerks, send invoices to clients, issue account statements, and generate credit memos.

What is the penalty for not generating e invoice? ›

The penalty for non generation of e invoice applicable here are: Penalty for non-issuance of invoice: 100% of the tax due or INR 10,000 (whichever is higher) will be imposed for each instance of non-compliance.

What is the mandatory limit for e-invoicing? ›

Therefore, CBIC has clarified that presently, e-invoicing has been made mandatory for registered persons having aggregate turnover more than Rs. 10 crore in any preceding financial year from 2017-18 onwards as per Central Tax Notification 17/2022 dated 01/08/2022.

What is the sales limit for e invoice? ›

27th December 2022

The GST Council recommended a reduction of the e-invoice threshold to Rs.5 crore starting on 01st January 2023, but the Govt has not issued a notice about this creating uncertainty among taxpayers, the CBIC department has tweeted.

What is the current e invoice limit? ›

Currently, businesses with a turnover of Rs 10 crore and above are required to generate an electronic invoice for all B2B transactions. "There is no proposal before the Government, at present, to reduce this threshold limit to Rs 5 crore with effect from 01.01.

What is a dummy invoice called? ›

A proforma invoice is a preliminary invoice that is sent to a buyer before a sale is confirmed. This invoice highlights the deliverables from the seller's end such as the goods or services to be delivered, their prices, shipping information, and delivery date.

What is the difference between an invoice and a bill? ›

A company may send you an invoice for services performed but upon receipt you see it as a bill. Using the word invoice can imply that payment terms, such as NET-30 days, have been established — whereas a bill is a simple statement of what is due now.

What are the common mistakes made while invoicing? ›

Getting information wrong or sending the invoice to the wrong person. Misspelling a company name or addressing an invoice incorrectly happens all too often, causing delays while the mistake is discovered, a new invoice requested, and the amended document re-issued.

Should I put my EIN on invoices? ›

EINs are sometimes referred to as federal tax identification numbers and can be obtained by sole proprietorships, LLCs, partnerships and corporations. Since the EIN identifies a business, it may be included on invoices, but its inclusion is not mandatory.

Should I put routing number on invoice? ›

Don't Include Your Routing and Account Numbers On Invoices–Here's Why! It may be a simple way of passing info but in the age of internet fraudsters and hackers, we beg of you, don't do it.

What are the qualities of a good invoice? ›

8 Essential Elements Each Invoice Must Include
  • The word Invoice.
  • Seller's name and address, contact details and company registration number.
  • Buyers name and address.
  • Date: invoice issue date, payment due date, delivery date.
  • A unique invoice reference number.
Mar 21, 2018

Who signs the bottom of an invoice? ›

Invoices before and after payment.

If the client hasn't yet paid, your invoice should include your signature and a space for their signature. Once the client signs the invoice, they've legally agreed to pay the amount owed.

What is a 0 invoice? ›

The concept of the Zero charge invoice is to capture the monetary value of any work you provide, that you choose to give to the client at zero charge. From telephone support, audits, extra staff training and even deliveries; anything that you could charge for and don't – capture here.

Why are there 3 copies of invoices? ›

The supplier should make three copies of the tax invoice for a supply of goods: The original invoice is issued to the recipient. A duplicate copy is issued to the transporter of the goods. The transporter should keep the invoice reference handy, in case they are asked for evidence.

What does the invoice term FOB mean? ›

Meaning of FOB

FOB is free on board, also known as freight on board. It is a term commonly used for international shipping. It signifies a transportation term used to indicate that the selling price of the goods includes delivery at the seller's expense only up to a specified point.

What is 3 way matching in accounts payable? ›

Three-way matching is an accounts payable process that checks that the details on a purchase order, the supplier's invoice and the delivery receipt match before an invoice is paid.

What is 2 way matching in accounts payable? ›

In the 2 way matching process quantity and amount on the invoice are matched to the quantity and amount on the corresponding purchase order.

What are the 5 types of journal entries? ›

They are:
  • Opening entries. These entries carry over the ending balance from the previous accounting period as the beginning balance for the current accounting period. ...
  • Transfer entries. ...
  • Closing entries. ...
  • Adjusting entries. ...
  • Compound entries. ...
  • Reversing entries.
Sep 8, 2022

What is the easiest way to invoice? ›

The quickest and easiest way to send your invoices is by email.

What are the main things in invoice? ›

Here are the 5 most important things to look for on an invoice:
  • The Vendor's Contact Information.
  • The Purchase Order Number.
  • Invoice Number.
  • Description and Pricing.
  • Payment Terms.

What are the three key pieces of information that must be present on an invoice *? ›

The payment due date. A unique invoice number. A description of the products or services sold.

What is a master invoice? ›

Master Invoicing allows special invoicing functions to be performed applicable to Customers with multiple premises or accounts. Customers can request to create one invoice for each of their premises or accounts. Also, a Customer may want to have one master invoice with the summary of all sub invoices.

What is the most important aspect of an invoice? ›

The due date should absolutely appear on the invoice and might be the most important item on this list (along with the product description and total amount). The due date will help keep the process and invoice history organized.

Can an invoice be used as a receipt? ›

Can an invoice be used as a receipt? Since an invoice is a request for payment, not proof of payment, you shouldn't use an invoice in place of a receipt. Once a customer or client pays your invoice, make sure to provide a separate receipt.

What are the five features of an invoice? ›

5 Must-Have Features of your Small Business Invoice
  • Your contact details.
  • Payment Information.
  • Some terms and conditions.
  • An invoice / reference number.
  • A breakdown of costs.

Is e-invoice mandatory for all invoices? ›

Yes, e-invoicing by specifically notified persons is compulsory for the supply of goods or services or both to a registered person.

Who is eligible for E-invoice? ›

The e-Invoice System is for GST registered person for uploading all the B2B invoices to the Invoice Registration Portal (IRP). The IRP generates and returns a unique Invoice Reference Number (IRN), digitally signed e-invoice and QR code to the user.

Who is eligible for E-invoice from 1st April 2022? ›

Seeks to implement e-invoicing for the taxpayers having aggregate turnover exceeding Rs. 20 Cr from 01 st April 2022. Seeks to amend Notification no. 13/2020-Central Tax to exclude government departments and local authorities from the requirement of issuance of e-invoice.

Is e-way bill required for invoice value less than 50000? ›

50,000/-. This does not however preclude the consignor/consignee/transporter to generate e-way bills even for individual consignments whose value is less than Rs. 50000/- per consignment.

Can I invoice someone without a company? ›

It is possible to invoice without a company. As a freelancer, influencer, creator, or sole trader, you do not need to start your own company before you can invoice your clients. That is because you are already recognized as a sole proprietor - the most common structure to start a business.

Who Cannot issue a tax invoice? ›

Composition dealer cannot issue a Tax invoice. Composition dealer issue Bill of supply. In case the recipient is unregistered and value of supply is more than Rs.

Can e invoice be generated back dated? ›

Revisiting the billing system and processes for e-invoicing implementation. The document data can be that of either today or yesterday. There is a window of 24 hours a day to generate an IRN and IRN cannot be obtained for backdated invoices. Maximum of 1000 line items will be allowed.

Is e-invoicing mandatory for B2C? ›

B2C invoices are those invoices where the end-user will not be claiming input tax credit (ITC). As of now, B2C invoices are exempt from e-invoicing. However, a taxpayer is required to generate a dynamic QR code for enabling digital payments on all B2C invoices as per Notification No.

What if e invoice is not issued? ›

Penalty for non-issuance of e-invoice- 100% of the tax due or Rs. 10,000 whichever is higher. Penalty for incorrect or erroneous e-invoice is Rs. 25,000.

Where is e way bill not required? ›

In case goods are being transported for weighment purpose and the distance is not more than 20 Kms from the place of the business of the consignor to the weighbridge or vice versa, eWay bill generation is not required. However, the movement of goods must be accompanied by a delivery challan.

Can invoice date and e way bill date be different? ›

You may use different dates for the Tax Invoice and the Eway Bill. Even though Tax Invoices can be issued before the start of the movement of goods, e way bills must only be currently dated. But they are not required to be generated at the start of the movement.

What happens if the e way bill expires? ›

What has to be done, if the validity of the e-way bill expires? After the expiry of eway bill, the transporter may extend the validity period after updating the reason for the extension and the details in PART-B of FORM GST EWB-01.


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