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The Moccamaster Cup One is Technivorm's contribution to the single serve line. Cup One has the same design and construction as the larger batch coffee machines, but delivers one cup of coffee at a time. We took a look at the Moccamaster Cup One to see how it performs and compare it to the proven V60 brewer.

OGama Moccamasterhe's already highly praised in the specialty coffee world, so we're looking forward to checking out his latest offering.

Moccamaster Cup One | Coffee people (1)

Technical data:

  • Dimensions: 11.75" H 10.25" W 6.50" D
  • Weight: 3.90 lbs.
  • Capacity: 10 ounces. (330 ml) of water | 20 grams of coffee
  • Filter: no. 1 paper cone filter
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Automatic shutdown after cooking
  • Certifications: ECBC and SCA approved


The Moccamaster Cup One has the classic retro vibes of other Technivorm breweries. The first Moccamaster was released in 1968 and all models since then have generally kept the same design. It is available in matte black or polished silver. Being a single-serve machine, the Moccamaster Cup One takes up less space than other brewers, so it can easily fit into any available counter space. The Cup One does not have a warming plate as it is designed to brew one cup at a time. Comes with a detachable cup holder for larger cups.

Technivorm has built a reputation for producing reliable beer machines with exceptional build quality. And Moccamaster Cup One is another one of their breweries that has done well. Hand assembled in the Netherlands with quality components, built to last. Technivorm also backs you up with an impressive 5-year warranty. Overall, we can't fault the design of the Moccamaster Cup One, the timeless design and excellent build quality make it well worth the price.

Easy to use

The Moccamaster Cup One has a simple design, which makes it easy to handle. The beer machine consists of a water tank, a handle for the water outlet, a filter holder and a cup holder. Making a cup of coffee is as easy as filling the water tank, adding the filter and ground coffee and pressing the on/off button. The coffee machine is very quiet during use and automatically switches off after brewing.

Cooking with Moccamaster Cup One

  1. Fill the water tank with cold water to the 10-ounce mark.
  2. Make sure the filter outlet is not blocked, then place the #1 paper filter in the holder.
  3. Optional step: Place the cup under the portafilter, rinse the paper filter and preheat the cup by running the brew cycle. When you're done, empty the cup and refill the water tank.
  4. Add 18-21 grams of ground coffee to the filter.
  5. Place a glass under the portafilter.
  6. Turn on the switch to start dispensing coffee
  7. A cup of fresh coffee is ready in 4 minutes.
  8. To enjoy!

Performance and taste

The Moccamaster Cup One uses a brewing system similar to other Technivorm brewers.

One of the main factors that contribute to the excellent coffee it produces is that the Cup One has excellent temperature control. It can reach and maintain the ideal water temperature of 92 to 96 °C (195 to 205 °F) during cooking. This is achieved with a copper heating element that quickly heats the water. This is one of the reasons why Moccamaster Cup One is certified by the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) and the European Coffee Brewing Center (ECBC).

Unlike other Technivorm brewers, the Moccamaster Cup One does not have a shower screen that distributes water evenly over the place. While some users were concerned that this would result in an uneven draw, that doesn't seem to be the case. The Moccamaster Cup One has a unique semi-submerged brewing method, where the water reaches the filter much faster than it leaves. This means that the extraction time is mainly determined by the small outlet designed to optimize the brewing time.

Another factor that determines extraction is grind size. The Moccamaster Cup One works best with a medium grind. If you feel that the extraction time is too long, try a coarser grind and vice versa. If the grind is too fine, the coffee will be over-extracted and bitter. If it is too thick, it will be underextracted and sour. Some users recommend gently stirring the coffee in the filter basket to ensure even extraction.

The Moccamaster Cup One can brew a consistent and balanced cup of coffee. Due to the filtered maceration, it has a different flavor profile than traditional dressing. Cup One brews coffee with a deeper body and a more complex flavor profile. While it can brew roasted or single-origin coffees, it really shines with medium-dark to dark blends.

The Moccamaster Cup One is all about simplicity and consistency. So as long as you use fresh, high-quality beans with the right grind, this machine does the rest of the work for making delicious, smooth filter coffee.

Moccamaster Cup One | Coffee people (2)

Cleaning and maintenance

The Moccamaster Cup One is very easy to clean. Throw away the used filter and coffee grounds after each use; then wash the portafilter by hand in warm water and dishwashing liquid. There have been a few complaints that the small outlet in the strainer basket gets clogged easily, causing the brew basket to overflow. Although this is a known problem, it is easy to prevent if you wash the basket properly. The Technivorm also includes a cleaning brush to remove any coffee residue that may have escaped from the filter.

Technivorm recommends descaling the Moccamaster Cup One every 80 cycles (or every filter box you use). To do this, fill the water tank with descaling solution according to the instructions and run the boil cycle. Then repeat the soaking cycle 2 to 3 more times with clean water to rinse.

Moccamaster Cup One against V60

The Moccamaster Cup One occupies an interesting niche in trying to automate the coffee machine. So how does it compare to the proven v60? As for the quality of the coffee produced, we would say that it cannot be compared to the v60. V60, when properly brewed, produces a very different cup - almost tea-like, with good flavor clarity. V60 brings out bright, fruity notes of coffee.

In comparison, the Moccamaster Cup One produces a deeper, more complex drink with more mud. However, when you compare ease of use, Cup One wins every time. The Moccamaster Cup One is extremely easy to operate and makes a consistent cup of coffee. However, once you've mastered the casting technique, you'll likely find that the v60 can produce a more complex head.

Who is the Moccamaster Cup for?

The Moccamaster Cup One fits into a somewhat unique niche. It's really for specialty coffee lovers looking for a single-use machine. It will far outperform your drip coffee maker and make excellent coffee combined with high quality freshly ground beans.

However, frankly, this machine has some drawbacks. The first and biggest is that you can only make one cup of coffee at a time. That, of course, is the purpose of the machine. However, this is limiting and it would be nice if Technivorm released a machine that could make one or more cups likeBreville Precision Brewery. Most of us have situations when we only want one cup and situations when we want to serve several people at once.

Another disadvantage is the price. This is a fairly expensive machine, as are all Moccamasters. While you're certainly paying for quality, you're paying a lot for one cup of beer!


  • Makes an excellent cup of coffee
  • excellent construction
  • Maintains ideal infusion temperature
  • 5 year warranty
  • Easy to use and clean


  • Maximum capacity of 10 ounces
  • it is not programmable
  • The cooking basket can become clogged

Moccamaster Cup One- Oh het vonnis

The Moccamaster Cup One is an excellent single-use coffee machine that offers exceptional build quality, comes with a five-year warranty and most importantly, produces a decent cup of coffee. Cup One is all about simplicity. It is built to do one thing and one thing well; make a delicious cup of coffee.

common questions

What type of filter or Moccamaster Cup One does it use?

The Moccamaster Cup One uses a #1 cone-shaped paper filter. When you buy the machine, it comes with a box of 80 filters to get you started.

What comes with the machine?

The Moccamaster Cup One comes with a free filter box, coffee spoon and cleaning brush.

What are the contents of the water tank?

The Moccamaster Cup One has a 10oz or 330ml water tank. Therefore, it is only sufficient for one cup of coffee and must be refilled each time it is used.

Does the Moccamaster Cup One have a heating plate?

No, unlike the large Technivorm brewers, the Cup One only brews one cup of coffee at a time. It ferments directly in a glass, so it does not use a hotplate. If you want to be sure that your coffee will stay hot longer, heat the cup before brewing.

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