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MILK | Interviews with strong women | @StephanieSage_Official (1)

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Today we have one more interview to share with you, and it's with our loved one@StephanieSage_Official.

Stephanie Sage is a Florida student at Purdue University, currently pursuing a Masters in Communication and Public Relations. Sage is a woman of many talents. One who not only possesses such greatness and beauty, but also speaks with eloquence and wisdom. She is a "jack of all trades". She is a dancer, poet, actress and plus size model.

Sage describes herself as a woman whose story is different from most. Her unique story begins when the looming threat of eating disorders hit her hard. Furthermore, Sage has also suffered a lot when it comes to her mental health. Her adoption experience (Sage was adopted from South America when she was 9 months old) has given her a lot of empathy for those who have gone through the same thing. Despite all the obstacles Sage just encountered in her life, Sage never gave up. She took every negative experience she had in life and turned it into a reason to pull herself together, spread positivity, and have a more positive outlook on life.

In this interview with Sage, we talk about hosiery and lingerie, body confidence, mental health, eating disorders and what she expects from the hosiery and lingerie industry. Sage is the epitome of a shameless woman who uses her platform to exemplify someone who is not part of the status quo, "makes it look like I'm cast but to put my Bettie Page style into the algorithm". to the "hearts of the people". ' as she describes it.

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To learn more about @StephanieSage_Official's fascinating story, read on!

Interview with lateral thinker @StephanieSage_Official

LUST:First, thank you for giving us the opportunity to interview you! It's a pleasure to have you here with us (virtually), of course, haha! First, let's start by telling you a little more about yourself. What are you working on?

STEPHANIE:Something about me, I love to talk! So thank you for inviting me to this interview. I am a 30 year old Floridian, a Purdue University student working on my Masters in Communication and Public Relations, I am a dancer, poet and actress, and I model. My story is different from most in that I feel I have been advocating for those who don't feel confident and secure and for raising awareness of issues such as mental health, eating disorders and individual social issues related to adoption since my childhood in South America. when I was 9 months old. I have a positive outlook on life and am a "peacemaker" because I've been through some stressful situations, but I've learned from it. Also, I have a background in Psychology and Human Services, so I understand more about what people go through than most. I'm number one when it comes to being understanding and compassionate. That's part of the spark of what I do, including being an amazing daughter, aunt, sister, friend and bringing a little bit of passion to those I communicate with in my life. I may not have given birth to a child yet (I'm a cat mom now), but I've certainly generated a lot of expressive ideas when it comes to my talent and what I can contribute to the world. Oh, I also do energy work and tarot reading since I was a teenager.

LUST:We see you like stockings and lingerie. What motivated you to post socks and lingerie? Tell us more about it

STEPHANIE:What made me post tights and lingerie was my modeling account, but in order for there to be a different kind of beauty on Instagram, something other than the status quo, standard look of things, I'm about to integrate my Bettie Page style. in the algorithm and in people's hearts. My photos are, in a way, an extension of my personality and I truly feel that publishing them is an art.

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LUST:What does lingerie mean to you?

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STEPHANIE:Lingerie means "all bets are off" and it can be the sexiest thing besides being naked because it gives you confidence, sass and grace all rolled into one.

I think anyone can put on some nice underwear and do miracles or look amazing trying! Wearing lingerie makes me feel like the goddess I should and always am.

LUST:What are the perfect socks for you? Or lingerie, if you don't wear socks.

STEPHANIE:The perfect lingerie for me is FISHNETS and anything comfy like matching bralettes and baby doll nightgowns. I like to walk into a room or my bedroom that looks like "The Countess" from American Horror Story because it oozes style and grace. The perfect lingerie set should be both visually appealing and comfortable! PS If I can't wear a sexy doll outfit and a thong, I always go for fishnets and knee socks and nothing else.

LUST:Since the community may find it vulgar to wear stockings and lingerie, how do you react to negativity?

STEPHANIE:For myself, I try to explain to people that we use less when we come to life and also when we take a shower. There's nothing wrong with wearing something that looks good and also has a purpose. (Sometimes you also need panties and a bra for support.)

People who like to spread negativity probably can't afford to feel happy or open minded and therefore sound bad instead of what they mean.

In front of enemies, I go about my life and understand that there is nothing wrong with posing in lingerie. Keep drinking that drink of hate.

LUST:We live in a double standard society, if a man is topless it is normalized and accepted, but for a woman it is hypersexualized and stigmatized. What do you think we should do about it as women?

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STEPHANIE:It seems that some do not understand that a woman can show her body and that this is normal, just as breastfeeding also shows the woman, and want to associate this with a greater evil that is reduced to hypersexualization and sometimes belittled.

It bothers me that people still don't see their bodies as beautiful or normal, that there can't be anything sexy about a normal or vulgar image, but what we can do about these issues is... PRESS NEXT, keep posting Pictures of our bodies and break the stigma about it.

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LUST:What are your hopes for the future in the hosiery and lingerie industry?

STEPHANIE:There should be more options for women who don't necessarily fit the industry's body type. For example, not all "plus size" women are tall, and there are actually different ways to think about it. It would be helpful to have lingerie that helps complement a woman's facial features and fits all shapes without having a minimal selection. Smaller sizes and departments often receive more varied merchandise. Fortunately, the internet fashion market is opening up with lingerie made specifically for different women (regardless of shape or size) with the option to look amazing, but there's still a little change left.

Finding socks is particularly frustrating as they are sized in the double digits due to a lack of options. Overall though, I expect the hosiery and lingerie industry to increase in diversity and acceptance of women.

LUST:What would you always wear to feel so much more confident and sexy?

STEPHANIE:One thing that always makes me feel instantly sexy is my Maybelline long-lasting matte lipstick, my combat boots, and the straightening of my bangs. It's not always about what to take off, but what to wear first. Sometimes it's me in a short T-shirt and sassy lace panties.

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I feel like everything I wear makes me sexy, except the khaki pants.

LUST:What is your advice to other women struggling with confidence and body image?

STEPHANIE:To answer that question, I should add that I struggled with eating disorders and body image for much of my life, mostly as a small-town ethnic girl who was a dancer under five feet (I still am). Now I'm dealing with some physical things that don't allow my belly to look like "abs" and I call it Winnie the Pooh belly because it's nothing that can help. I embrace this "pain" and channel it into beauty. I've weighed 120lbs and 220lbs before and what really changed my confidence was realizing that I understand this... "There's NO ONE like me." No one can take that grace away from you because you ARE it.

That's something to be grateful for, and by loving yourself you also give love to others, which is a knock-on effect when it comes to making others feel like they love themselves. It's been a long process accepting my body and myself for who I am, but I hope to inspire others to embrace themselves by sharing these parts of me.

LUST:Describe lingerie in three words:

STEPHANIE:"Eternal Beauty" and "Sound the Alarm!"

LUST: It's a very difficult time in today's world with the whole COVID-19 pandemic. What have you been doing to stay busy and healthy?

STEPHANIE:I'm a #chronicdiseasewarrior so I'm now taking extra safety measures to stay that way, but recently I've been focusing my energy on not just taking care of myself and my loved ones, but also my art and studies. Broadening my perspective and finding something new to latch onto every day feels good. Call me "posi-goth".

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