Like Duas Towers, the Cena 29 to 32 film script expanded (2023)

The stage was 29 to go to Gole Skull

Like Duas Towers, the Cena 29 to 32 film script expanded (1)

(Video) Ancient Martial Artist In The City Season 2 Ep 1-40 Multi Sub 1080p Hd

Sam and frodo sleep. Your night and frodo sleep the ring in your hand.

Gollum: We want that.
Smagel: Nr. Teacher.
Gollum: Yes, nice.You will deceive him, you will hurt him, lie!
Smagel: The teacher is my friend.
Gollum: You have no friends. Nobody likes you.
Smagel: (with hands in the ears)Don't listen. I don't listen.
Gollum: You are a liar and a thief.
Smagel: (Shake your head)NO.
Gollum: Murderer.
Smagel: Leave.
Gollum: (Mocking)Leave?(RISA)
Smagel: I hate you. I hate you.
Gollum: Where are you without me?
I saved myself.I was. We survive for me.
Smagel: No longer.
Gollum: (shocked)What you say?
Smagel: The teacher now takes care of us.We don't need them.
Gollum: The?
Smagel: Come out now ... and never come back.
Gollum: NO.
Smagel: Salt and never come back.
Gollum growls and takes teeth
Smagel: Salt now and never come back!
There is silence and there is no Gollum answer
Smagel: We told him to go.And it will be beautiful.(He jumps and jumps)Lost Lost!Smeagol is free!

Scene 30 ~ herbs and cooked rabbits

(Video) Bitterness and Dread | Exandria Unlimited: Calamity | Episode 2

Like Duas Towers, the Cena 29 to 32 film script expanded (2)

The next day Frodo rests and Sam looks at the edge of a cliff. Gollum appears and throws two dead rabbits into the lap.
Gollum: See what Smeagol finds?
Frodo looks at Gollum and smiles and then looks at Sam, the sigh.Gollum dances satisfied. Take one of the rabbits and adapt your column
Gollum: You are young.They are soft, they are great.They are.
(Taca the rabbit with the teeth)
Sam: (Wear disgusted, go to Gollum and move away from his rabbit)You will let it sick, you will do it ... how to do it.(Take both rabbits)There is only one way to eat cones.
A pan boils on a fire with rabbit stew, moves the stew and frodo sits at its side.
Gollum: What are you doing?Stupid and thick hobbit.
Sam: What is there to ruin? There is almost no meat from them.
Frodo takes a few pocket dishes and listens to a weak bird call
Sam: What we need are some good ligaments.
Gollum: What is Tater, beautiful?What is Tater? Hey?
Sam: (Speak slowly)Well then.
Frodo moves from the place towards noises
Sam: Cook it, knead it, put it in a stew.
Gollum beats with disgust and spitting the tongue
Sam: You couldn't even say that.(Take the stew)
Gollum: Oh yes, we could.(Sam Krabbelte)Will -nos raw ...(Shake your head vigorously side by side)... and twist.Riding chips.
Sam: You are desperate.
Frodo wanders around the bushes and is looking for the source of the sound. Suddenly Sam realizes that Frodo is gone.
Sam: (Look around)Sr. Frodo?
Frodo crawls on the edge of the cliff to see hordes of dark men used throughout the valley.
Sam: Who are you?
Gollum: Evil men.
For him, he will not spend too much time now.It will be finished soon.
Sam: Ready to do what?
Gollum: To bring your war.The last war that will cover the world in the shade.
Frodo: We have to move. Commun, Sam.(Start away)
Sam: (Take frodos arm) an oliphaunte.
Oliphaunts can be run with evil men, with big awnings full of more men
Sam: Nobody at home will believe it.
Golle to Arrastra
Frodo: (Look around)Supposed?
When they look, they suddenly seem to shoot arrows, the air seem to navigate. The bad men fall. The surfaces with a hood and covered surfaces can be seen in the bushes around them, shoot the arrows and shoot an arrow and shoot themOne of the men who falls to the ground in front of Sam and Frodo.
Frodo: We take a long time.
If you turn around to run, run directly to the arms of one of the hooded with a hood. He screams and takes out his sword. He is thrown to the ground by another hooded man, just thrown onto the floor as a frodo and swordsbe placed in his neck
Sam: Wait! We are innocent travelers!
Faramir appears in men
Faramir: There are no travelers in this country.Only the servants of the black tower.
Frodo: We are associated with a task of confidentiality that claims to oppose the enemy would not be able to avoid.
Faramir: The enemy?(Goes to the dead man who shot him and turns him with his foot)Her sense of duty was no less than her, I think it is.(He looks in his face)You wonder what's going on ... where did it come from? And if it was really bad in the heart. What lies or threats did you bring with you
In this long house march. If you don't prefer to have stayed there ... alone. The war will make us all corpses. Link your hands.(He goes and Frodo and Sam are pulled behind)

Scene 31 ~ dwarf women

(Video) Beyond the Boundaries | Critical Role | Campaign 2, Episode 32

Like Duas Towers, the Cena 29 to 32 film script expanded (3)

The people in Rohan are still going through the lakes. Gimli rides with a horse under the direction of Eowyn
Gimli: It is true that they don't seem to women in dwarfs.And in fact they are similar to voices and appearance ... which are often confused with dwarf men.
Eowyn smiles and looks at Aragorn, rode his horse
Aragorn: These are the beards.(He comes across an imaginary beard on the chin. Eowyn smiles and looks at Gimli)
Gimli: This in turn led to faith ... that there are no dwarf women ... and that the dwarfs just left the holes on the floor ...
Aleowyn ri ritmmme
Gimli: ... of course it is ridiculous.(Take his hands at the top and the horse suddenly gallop and throws Gimli on the floor)
Eowyn smiles and then runs quickly to help him
Gimli: Okay. There is no panic.That was on purpose.It was on purpose.
Aragorn and theodes go with a broad smile. Eowyn looks at Aragorn laughing. He laughs and his laugh becomes smile.
Theoden: I didn't see my niece smile for a long time.She was a girl when she brought her father back.Sained by orcs.She saw her mother to grief.
She looks dreamily smiling for him, the wind in her hair
Theoden: Then he stayed alone to take care of his king with the growing fear.He gathered to wait for an old man to be loved as a father.

Scene 32 ~ one of the dumedain

(Video) A Stage Set | Critical Role | Campaign 3, Episode 32

Like Duas Towers, the Cena 29 to 32 film script expanded (4)

The city of Rohan kept a break.
Eowyn: Gimli.?
Gimli: No, I couldn't really.
It passes it on to Aragorn, which cleans her sword
Eowyn: I made a small stew.It's not much, but it's hot.(It fills a bowl and goes to Aragorn)
Aragorn: Gracias.(He has a pleasure and tried to hide a grimace. Eowyn seems to be worried)That's good.
Eowyn: Actually?(It turns around and begins to go).
Aragorn will quickly spill the stew on the floor, but Eowyn Gira
Eowyn: My uncle told me something strange.He said you went to Warwith Thangel, my grandfather.But he has to be wrong.
Aragorn: King Theoden has a good memory.At that time it was just a small child.
Eowyn: Then you have to have at least 60.
Aragorn seems to be ashamed of
Eowyn: Seventy?But you can't be 80 years old!
Aragorn: (View of the floor)Seven and eighty.
Eowyn: (realize)You are one of the dumedain.A descendant of Numenor, blessed with a long life.It was said that his career moved into legend.
Aragorn: We only miss a few.The northern kingdom was destroyed a long time ago.
Eowyn: I'm sorry.(He continues to hesitate while watching it)


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