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All web designers are familiar with Photoshop and use it every day to create prototypes, website designs, mockups, and other things. But as responsive design took over the web, designers started looking for more.flexible alternatives. and create the best SVG animation tool for the web.

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Website design today is becoming easier and more complex at the same time. Users expect a lot of features there, but they don't want to be overwhelmed by unnecessary decorations, pop-ups, and ads. SVG is useful in all of these cases. They are easy to create and use on multiple devices. SVG files are quick to design, and due to their nature, amazing animations can be created with an SVG animation tool.

But first, let's look at the benefits of this type of graphics for website designers.

Why you should use SVG

SVG (short for Scalable Vector Graphics) is the file type that can be used on all devices without significantly affecting the upload process. Its advantages for website design are enormous. Here are the main ones.

1. Sharp images

SVGs are created using code-based instructions that simply "tell" the browser how to draw lines, dots, and other graphics so that they fit on the screen. They have nothing to do with the pixel grid system like all those .IMG or .PNG files. And thanks to the encoded instructions, we get sharp objects that look amazing on any screen size without losing any quality.

(Video) Make Awesome SVG Animations with CSS // 7 Useful Techniques

Choose the best SVG animation tool to save your time and effort (3)

SVG files have many different characteristics than normal images: masks, patterns, gradients. etc And they are cross-browser compatible, making them an absolute must for modern websites.

2. Versatility

Despite all these "encoding" features, SVG can still behave like normal images. You can insert an SVGChoose the best SVG animation tool to save your time and effort (4)Tags or set as background in CSS. The best part is that you don't need to manipulate these files anymore. Full scalability allows SVGs to be used as-is: they automatically resize across all browsers and devices without pixelation.

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The code-based nature of SVGs offers web designers another advantage. Because they use standard HTML markup, SVGs can be placed directly in an HTML document. Thus, its elements and the entire file become part of the DOM (Document Object Model). This means that we can treat them like any other website element in CSS or JavaScript.

3. Animations

Using CSS and JS for scalable vector graphics leads us to one of the most amazing tricks we can do with these files. Yes, we are talking about animations. Using CSS we can change the way SVG and its elements act on a page. You can apply CSS code to any of the components in the SVG file and have that component do whatever you want: rotate, flip, reflect, drop, etc.

see featherMOVEMENT for the webpor LegoMushroom @sol0mkaon CodePen.

CSS and JavaScript tricks can help you create stunning animations and transitions that were only possible in video or flash formats. However, these formats are very heavy and can slow down page load speed significantly. With the use of an SVG animation generator, you can easily create cool mobile elements without affecting the performance of your website.

4. Responsiveness and performance

The vector nature of an SVG file makes it resolution independent and responsive. Because it's not a pixelmap of an image (as in .IMG formats), it's a set of instructions for the browser to draw a graphic. This means less information is loaded for a browser and therefore faster loading and smoother performance of a website. And it also means graphics are automatically resized to fit any screen size and look crisp and clear.

(Video) Top 6 Time Saving Figma Plugins - 2022

Additionally, you can optimize SVG files in the same way that we optimize other elements of the website to improve performance. Therefore, by using various tools available on the web, it is possible to significantly reduce the size of an SVG file without sacrificing its quality and improve page performance.

5. Accessibility

The web design community now takes website accessibility issues seriously. The image accessibility problem can be solved by using SVG files. Because SVG files can be scaled without loss of quality, they remain easily viewable even for users with less than 20/20 vision.

When to use animated SVGs

Animated SVGs are a great option when it comes down to elements. They can be used in cases where normal images are heavy or not as smooth and fast. The best candidates for animated SVG website elements are:

  • logos;
  • Symbol;
  • user interface controls;
  • Keys;
  • infographic;
  • Simple illustrations.

see penAnimated SVG - Small Logoby Ali @alistartweedieon CodePen.

Of course, more complex elements like photos are not the best choice for creating motion graphics. However, the elements listed above are perfect for creating animated SVGs to use throughout your website.

When it comes to animations, we are used to having GIF images. But animated SVG files are much better candidates for this purpose for most of the reasons listed above. In addition to the already mentioned scalability, which does not compromise image quality, interactive SVG files have other competitive advantages such as:

  • Due to their code-based nature, they don't suffer from common pixel issues like "haling" when displayed on different colored backgrounds.
  • SVGs take advantage of browser optimization by animating your elements. Even if the browser doesn't work perfectly, the animations look smooth and don't slow down the page. Not to mention the small size of the SVG file that does not consume bandwidth.
  • You don't need third party plugins to create SVG animations and add them to the page as they are created with the lines of code. Now that Adobe has stopped supporting Flash, SVG animation is one way to use it in your projects.

Choose the best SVG animation tool

If you're a programming ninja, you may not need any additional tools to write a few lines to make a wheel spin or jump in the SVG file. But if you want to save some time while coding, check out these SVG animation tools and editors.

animate adobe

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Adobe Photoshop has long been a favorite tool for website designers. but that was beforelighter design toolshe was ahead. To compete with them and enter the niche, Adobe created Animate, a powerful SVG animation tool. It's a fast and easy way to create amazing animations with full HTML5 video support. There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube on how to use it to keep you up to date with the latest design tricks.


Choose the best SVG animation tool to save your time and effort (7)

(Video) 5 Ultimate Quick Tips to Save Time and Effort Using Tailwind CSS

Based on JavaScript, this library helps web developers create animated SVG files that will impress everyone from customers to competitors. It was written keeping in mind the specifications of modern browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and even IE9). That means Snap supports the best and most popular features like patterns, gradients, masks, cropping, etc. And you don't necessarily have to create an SVG file with this SVG animation tool. You can draw it in Illustrator or your favorite tool, drop it into Snap, and apply your favorite animation features.


Choose the best SVG animation tool to save your time and effort (8)

This SVG animation generator claims to be a lightweight library for creating and editing SVG files and turning them into cool animations. The goal is to be extremely small and still cover all the latest SVG specifications. Easy to use and extremely fast, SVG JS offers a clean, easy-to-read syntax that significantly reduces the amount of code.


Choose the best SVG animation tool to save your time and effort (9)

Raw is an open source web-based SVG animation creator that allows you to create interactive SVGs using the D3.js graphics library. It offers 16 pre-built templates for displaying data, semi-finished visualizations, charts, and visual templates. Etc. It's extremely easy to use: just copy and paste your Raw text. And there are no third-party apps here - your data is only processed by the browser.

Bonsai JS

Choose the best SVG animation tool to save your time and effort (10)

Another lightweight library for creating awesome animations with an intuitive API. SVG rendering is also available with this tool. You can try some of the best animation samples right on the site. And one of the best things about this SVG animation tool: it's open source and free.


Choose the best SVG animation tool to save your time and effort (11)

It's a great online SVG animation tool that doesn't require you to have any coding skills. Simply import your SVG file into the panel and within seconds you'll have ready-to-use animated SVG code. Using keyframes and animation presets, you can create animated SVGs that look perfect on your computer or mobile screen. The code manager allows you to view and customize an already generated file code.

Motion User Interface

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(Video) Flutter SVG Animations With Rive

It's not exactly a tool, it's a Sass library that allows you to create flexible transitions and animations with built-in effects. Simply download the package containing the Sass source files and various ready-to-use animation effects and transitions and you can apply them to your SVG files. It's aimed at more advanced users, but it really is a gold mine of great, easy-to-implement settings.


Choose the best SVG animation tool to save your time and effort (13)

MoJS stands for Movement for the Web. This SVG animation creator is open source, which means that it is backed by a large community of developers who help refine this tool and make it more elegant. You can use it to quickly create retina-ready animated SVG files. Easy-to-use APIs help you implement any web motion project effortlessly.


Choose the best SVG animation tool to save your time and effort (14)

Vivus is a lightweight SVG class that allows you to draw SVG images anywhere. SVGs created with the help of Vivus appear to be drawn directly on the website page. It implements three types of animations: delayed, synchronized, and one after the other. You can also set a time function for each element to add depth to your animations.

lazy line painter

Choose the best SVG animation tool to save your time and effort (15)

It is an amazing JQuery plugin that allows you to create animated line images that appear to be drawn in real time. You just need to export your SVG line art (no closed paths please) to SVG Lazy Converter and it will convert them into customizable JS code that you can use for your projects.

SVG Animation Tool Collection - The Bottom Line

The SVG animation tool can make the life of a web designer easier. Just remember that no website element needs impressive animations. Everything must be created with the user experience in mind!

Know of other SVG animation tools not mentioned here? Share your suggestions in the comments below.


What is the best tool to animate SVG? ›

SVGator. SVGator is the easiest way to start animation SVGs for icons, logos, illustrations, and other images. The best thing is that you don't require any coding skills to start your journey into animation. Designers can create an intuitive interface easily using SVGator without writing a single line of code.

How do I save an animated SVG? ›

Select File > Export > Export Image. or select File > Publish Settings (select the SVG Image option in the Other Formats section.) Enter or browse to the location where you want to save the SVG file. Ensure that you select SVG as the Save As type. Click Ok.

Is SVG good for animation? ›

SVG supports the ability to change vector graphics over time, to create animated effects. SVG content can be animated in the following ways: Using SVG's animation elements [svg-animation].

What is SVG animation? ›

SVG is an XML-based vector image format for two-dimensional graphics, with support for interactivity and animation. In other words, SVGs are XML tags that render shapes and graphics, and these shapes and graphics can be interacted with and animated much like HTML elements can be.

What is the most efficient way to animate? ›

The 12 Animation Tips and Tricks to Master
  1. Use Squash & Stretch to Avoid Stiff Movement. ...
  2. Add Anticipation to Your Movement. ...
  3. Make Sure All Movement Has Follow Through. ...
  4. Add Arcs to Create Natural Movement. ...
  5. Ease In and Out of Your Movement. ...
  6. Use Your Frames to Create Intentional Timing. ...
  7. Make Use of Secondary Action.
Apr 21, 2021

What program saves SVG files? ›

Inkscape offers state-of-the-art vector drawing, and it's open source. Moreover, it uses SVG as its native file format. To store Inkscape specific data, it extends the SVG file with elements and attributes in a custom namespace, but you can also choose to export as plain SVG.

How do you save and use SVG files? ›

How to create and edit an SVG file.
  1. Once you've put together an image in Photoshop, click on File > Export > Export As.
  2. Click on the Format drop-down menu within the box that appears and then select SVG.
  3. Select Export All and save the file.

How do I save an animation? ›

Export animated GIF
  1. Go to File > Export > Export Animated GIF. A dialog appears.
  2. Choose your desired options in the dialog and click Done to export your animation as animated GIF file. You can also export static GIF image file by choosing File > Export > Export Image.
Aug 16, 2021

Which type of SVG is mostly preferred? ›

So as XML files, you can create and edit an SVG image with text editor, but generally drawing programs like inkspace are preferred to create it. SVG is mostly used for vector type diagrams like pie charts, 2-Dimensional graphs in an X,Y coordinate system etc.

What is the best way to use SVG? ›

The First and Easiest Way

The most common way I've seen to embed SVG into a site is to use the img tag, and insert it into the src attribute. The advantage of this method is that the browser caches this image after the first download.

What is SVG mostly used for? ›

The SVG file format is a popular tool for displaying two-dimensional graphics, charts and illustrations on websites. Plus, as a vector file, it can be scaled up or down without losing any of its resolution. Learn more about the key features of SVG images, their pros and cons and how the SVG format has evolved.

How do I use animation in SVG? ›

Below, we'll run through the fundamental steps of SVG optimisation and animation using CSS.
  1. Create and save your SVG. ...
  2. Optimise your SVG for the web. ...
  3. Set up a HTML Document. ...
  4. Build the layout for your SVG animation. ...
  5. Place the SVG. ...
  6. Add classes to the SVG.
Sep 15, 2022

What is SVG in PowerPoint? ›

SVGs are the common format for icons and illustrations in PowerPoint. They're terrific, until you try to change the fill or line colour of multi-colour graphics, which is when they go wrong.

Which animation software is best and free? ›

Top 13 free animation software for beginners and pros
  • Animaker.
  • Blender.
  • K-3D.
  • OpenToonz.
  • Pencil2D Animation.
  • Plastic Animation Paper.
  • Powtoon.
  • Stykz.
Jun 23, 2022

What is the best free animation tool? ›

The best free animation software available now
  1. Blender. An impressive set of free rigging and modelling tools. ...
  2. Synfig Studio. A powerful and open-source animation software. ...
  3. Open Toonz. This professional animation tool is free and open-source. ...
  4. Pencil2D Animation. This free software is ideal for 2D hand-drawn animations.
Nov 30, 2022

What are the 5 types of animation? ›

  • 1# Traditional animation. Traditional animation, also known as cel animation, is the oldest form of animation. ...
  • 2# 2D animation. 2D animation, also known as vector-based animation, is all about creating movement in a 2-dimensional space. ...
  • 3# 3D animation. ...
  • 4# Stop motion. ...
  • 5# Motion graphics.
Dec 9, 2021

Which type of animation is faster and easier to make? ›

Digital 3d animation characters are much faster to create and they are quite popular in the movie making industry. Using a computer software 3d animated images are used to create many short films, full length movies and even tv commercials and a career in digital 3d animation is highly rewarding.

What does saving in SVG file mean? ›

SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphic file. It's a file type that's used to render two-dimensional images on the web. Unlike the other standard file formats for images, SVG stores images in a vector format made up of lines, points, shapes, and curves based upon mathematical formulas.

How do I save an SVG file in Photoshop? ›

Export pictures from Photoshop and save individual PSD vector layers as SVG images.
  1. Make sure the shape layer you're exporting as SVG has been created in Photoshop. ...
  2. Select the shape layer in the Layer panel.
  3. Right-click on the selection and select Export as (or go to File > Export > Export As.)
  4. Choose SVG format.

How do I save an SVG file in Illustrator? ›

To save your artwork artwork as SVG, choose File > Export > SVG (svg). Check Use Artboards if you'd like to export the contents of your artboards as individual SVG files. Click Export to open the SVG Options dialog.

How do I save my animation in Photoshop? ›

Export video files or image sequences:
  1. Choose File > Export > Render Video.
  2. In the Render Video dialog box, enter a name for the video or image sequence.
  3. Click the Select Folder button, and navigate to the location for the exported files.

How do you save an animation in Illustrator? ›

When you want to create complete layouts in Illustrator and then import them into Animate in one step, you can save your artwork in the native Illustrator format (AI) and import it, with high fidelity, into Animate using the File > Import To Stage or File > Import To Library commands in Animate.

What file format do you save your animate projects? ›

When you save a file in Animate, the default format is FLA, but the internal format of the file is XFL. Other Adobe® applications such as After Effects® can export files in XFL format. These files have the XFL file extension instead of the FLA extension.

Where is the best SVG? ›

The best free SVG files for Cricut available now
  1. LoveSVG. The best SVG files for creating cards and signs. ...
  2. Dreaming Tree. The best SVG files for craft decorations. ...
  3. Free SVG Designs. The best SVG files for celebrations. ...
  4. HelloSVG. The best SVG files for seasonal designs. ...
  5. Bird's SVGs. ...
  6. Love Paper Crafts. ...
  7. Craftables. ...
  8. Creative Fabrica.
Mar 31, 2022

What are the different types of SVG files? ›

SVG allows for three types of graphic objects: vector graphic shapes (e.g., paths consisting of straight lines and curves), images and text. Graphical objects can be grouped, styled, transformed and composited into previously rendered objects.

What does SVG stand for? ›

SVG: Scalable Vector Graphics.

Is SVG the best format? ›

SVG is the preferred format for images like user interface controls, logos, icon and vector-based illustrations. With SVG you can make three types of graphic objects: — Vectorial geometric elements like paths with their straight, curves and area between them.

What is the best app to open SVG files? ›

SVG Viewer:

It is one of the best vector SVG viewer apps that quickly view SVG files on any Android device. Even if you convert PNG to SVG with the help of an online PNG file to an SVG converter, this app allows you to fetch it without any quality loss.

Is SVG the best? ›

SVG is ideal for high quality images and can be scaled to ANY size. Many people choose file formats based on file size restrictions - adding pictures to your website that will load as quickly as possible to improve SEO, for example.

What is the best use of SVG in websites? ›

SVG is best suited for logos, icons, and other “flat” graphics that use simpler colors and shapes. Also, while most modern browsers support SVG, older browsers may not work with them properly. This can cause a website to look broken or unexpected to people who are still using them.

What are the four 4 types of animation? ›


There are four types of animation effects in PowerPoint – entrance, emphasis, exit and motion paths.

How to make SVG animation in Photoshop? ›

Select File > Export > Export Image. or select File > Publish Settings (select the SVG Image option in the Other Formats section.) Enter or browse to the location where you want to save the SVG file. Ensure that you select SVG as the Save As type. Click Ok.

Can you animate SVG in blender? ›

Blender is a free/open source 3D animation suite, which can import SVG images. There are both manual and tutorials on their Support page.

What app do most animators use? ›

16 great animation apps for beginners
  1. Cinema 4D. Cinema 4D is a powerful, well-made 3D animation software that gives users a plethora of tools for creating a broad spectrum of professional projects. ...
  2. Adobe Animate. ...
  3. Adobe After Effects. ...
  4. LottieFiles. ...
  5. SideFX (Houdini) ...
  6. Blender. ...
  7. Pencil2D. ...
  8. ​Animaker.
Dec 1, 2022

Is gimp good for SVG? ›

This compatibility makes it possible to store GIMP paths as SVG files without losing any information. You can access this capability in the Paths dialog. It also means that GIMP can create paths from SVG files saved in other programs, such as Inkscape, a popular open-source vector graphics application.

How do I make SVG files Interactive? ›

Here's how to make one.
  1. Step 1: Find a suitable SVG image. ...
  2. Step 2: Open Adobe Illustrator. ...
  3. Step 3: Open your SVG file. ...
  4. Step 4: Make any edits. ...
  5. Step 5: Save your file as an SVG. ...
  6. Step 6: Convert your code to Raphael-friendly format. ...
  7. Step 7: Tidy your Javascript file. ...
  8. Step 8: Add a few bits to the code.
Nov 6, 2019

Does PowerPoint save SVG? ›

Microsoft today released new Office for Windows Desktop build Version 1908 (Build 12026.20108) for Monthly Channel Insiders. This build comes with two new features, one is for Word and another is for PowerPoint.

Can you use SVG in PowerPoint? ›

SVGs can be added to any version of PowerPoint 2016 or later, in the same way as you add any other image. To import an SVG into PowerPoint just click on the Insert tab, then Pictures and choose from this device or online.

Does SVG work in PowerPoint? ›

Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Excel for Microsoft 365 on Windows, Mac, Android, and Windows Mobile support inserting and editing scalable vector graphics (. SVG) files in your documents, presentations, email messages, and workbooks.

Can I animate SVG in Adobe animate? ›

Edit your artwork by opening the SVG file using Adobe Illustrator. Save the SVG file as an . ai file, and import within Animate.

Is Inkscape good for animation? ›

Inkscape does not support animation natively, although it might someday, if any individual programmer, or small team becomes interested in tackling the challenge. (If you are interested in programming animation features into Inkscape, please start by joining the development team.)

What program should I use to make SVG files? ›

Creating SVG files in Adobe Illustrator. Perhaps the easiest way to create sophisticated SVG files is to use a tool that you are likely already familiar with: Adobe Illustrator. While it's been possible to make SVG files in Illustrator for quite some time, Illustrator CC 2015 added and streamlined the SVG features.

Is Adobe animate good for animation? ›

Adobe Animate is a good software for creating 2D animations. You can use it to create sprites, traditional animation, and motion graphics. It also has a wide range of features for interactivity, such as buttons, input fields, and more.

Is Vector better for animation? ›

Vectors can help you create performance-friendly UI design elements, infinitely scalable logos, or lightning-fast-loading explainer animations at a fraction of the cost of raster video production. In fact, when it comes to web performance, there's a long list of reasons why you should use scalable vector graphics!

What animation app do most animators use? ›

The best animation software available now
  • Cartoon Animator 4. ...
  • Adobe Character Animator. ...
  • Clip Studio Paint. ...
  • Adobe Animate. ...
  • Blender. ...
  • Synfig Studio. ...
  • Open Toonz. This professional animation tool is free and open-source. ...
  • Pencil2D Animation. This free software is ideal for 2D hand-drawn animations.
Sep 13, 2022

What is Inkscape best for? ›

Although it's primarily an illustration tool, Inkscape is used for a wide range of computer graphic tasks. The variety of what can be done with Inkscape is vast and sometimes surprising. It is used to make diagrams, logos, programmatic marketing materials, web graphics, and even for paper scrapbooking.

Is there a better program than Inkscape? ›

We have compiled a list of solutions that reviewers voted as the best overall alternatives and competitors to Inkscape, including Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, CorelDRAW, and Affinity Designer.

What is the advantage of using Inkscape? ›

It runs fast, has enough features to get any illustration accomplished at a high level, and is free. Inkscape can import from almost all illustration formats, and export to many, including DXF.

What programs can edit SVG files? ›

Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Excel for Microsoft 365 on Windows, Mac, Android, and Windows Mobile support inserting and editing scalable vector graphics (. SVG) files in your documents, presentations, email messages, and workbooks.


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