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Have you always wanted to color your hair with a rich bronze sound like Beyonce, Jeniffer López and many other celebrities? In this article we will discuss everything you need to know about the color of bronze hair, which brandsAnd try formulas how to keep them.

What is the color of the bronze hair and how is it to be seen in the pictures?

Bronze hair is a very popular hair color that looks alive and natural at the same time. There is a debate about whether it is a brown, copper or blond tone, but the truth is that it is something between these colors. As a natural bronze-Mineral it is a mixture of brown and amber with a little light gold bandits.

Bronze hair color adapts to a variety of skin tones, but is particularly good for:

  • Medium skin tones with golden or pink nuances
  • Medium to dark skin tones with light golden nuances

If your skin is very clear, gray and yellow (e.g. Asian skin) with dark brown eyes, light bronze hair can make you look tired and worn out.

The rest of the Skintones and the eye combinations work well with this tone.

Here are some photos of how the bronze color can be seen in several skin:

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Below is a diagram that shows light to light in the light.

Dark leather bronze hair color and natural hair

If you have dark skin and African -American hair, you can reach this tone with a special hair -hewn hair kit.

Another good and more natural option that you can use is Karia's moisture line in the dark golden blond shadow. This is a hair dye without ammonia and sulfate, which contains natural moisture creams and nutritional factors for healthier hair while coloring it.

If you have dark porosity hair, you may need something stronger than a DIY kit to effectively lighten your hair.Can be expected, and this seems to be more common with a black level.

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How to get the color of bronze bronze hair

Brown bronze tones are relatively easy to reach, especially if you have Semi -Mar -Mar -Hair and the tone you already want to be cheerful.

Some good brilliant options for most medium -sized blonde tones are:

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  • Garnier Nutrition Nutritive Cream, 413 Bronzebrown. This is a beautiful dark bronze tone that works very well in all types of natural hair, from the darkest to lighter.
  • L'Oreal fair in bronze shadow bronze/ 58 1ea. A rich medium bronze tone, which looks brilliant and lively of several lights.
  • Natural instincts clairol bronze shadow line/012a. A neutral tone of the dark bronze with golden, non -copper -nuances. As its natural hair color.

The above recommendations are to get a neutral tone without obvious neutral bronze. If you need something more specific, look for the rest of the article.

Bronze copper hair color

If you have discussed a warmer and more copper tone than above, you will find some suggestions here:

  • Natural cream color bronze hair color. This is a natural copper bronze tone and a formula generated especially for dark -American hair.
  • L'Oreal preference on the shadow line 6r brown light. A sound of copper babronze, suitable for dark and dark blonde hair colors and blue or green eyes.
  • Revlon Colorsilk Shadow in the shadow 42/medium of Auburn. A copper tone of the medium, which ideally complements most skin tones, because neither very clearly nor too dark are seen.
  • Nuthse Garnier Line in the shade 54/Means of natural copper. A natural sound of copper ricks with hot brown shades that look great in all skin tones.
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Bronze hair ideas, light, medium, dark, deep brown and honey

Ideas how you get;

Bronze blonde hair color

The bronze blonde is a bit difficult

Some good blonde bronze tones are:

  • L'Oreal Paris 6.3 Bold Brown. This is a golden bronze tone with neutral nuances: Perfect for people with light or light, green or hazelnic cutting skin and peach led nuances.
  • Garnier Nutionse 6:23.If you want a really impressive blond tone with neutral ashtrays, this tone is perfect.
  • Revlon Colorsilk Beautiful color in the smallest golden tone. A bright bronze tone that plays between the tones of the golden blonde and adapts to those with pink and golden nuances.

Light bronze bronze hair color

The light and medium bronze tones are suitable for those who already have golden nuances in the hair and have green, hazeling or blue eyes.

Here is a proposal for certain colors for this category:

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L'Oreal Excellence cream by 5 g/medium gold brown.

Revlon Colorsilk Line in Tono Nr. 57/Brown Golden Ligero.

Minor tones have neutral nuances and adapt to a variety of skin tones and eye combinations.

Dark bronze bronze color

Dark and deep bronze tones are suitable for those with dark hair and eyes that only want to cheer up their natural color with dark hair.

Garnier in the shade 554/brown brown.

Natural instincts in the shade 20/average brown.

Brown bronze honey paint

Honey bronze colors adapt to a variety of skin tones because they light up enough without exaggerating.

L'Oreal Excellence Creme in Brown Mel.

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Garnier Nutionse E B3 Golden Brown.

Bronze hair color with reflexes

Bronze hair color, brown, copper, photos, diagram + ideas | Hair Magazine (6)

If you want to get some natural aspects or low lights to improve your bronze tone, you can use a specially designed DIY kit to add blonde reflections from natural honey.

  • L ”glanto kit of preferably oreal in dark brown GL50, this is a new modern kit that represents everything you need to get the most outstanding but light and natural effect to get it well -mixed reflex.
  • Garnier Nutionse is in the full highlight of bronze #η α, which receives natural bronze reflections for complementing and ideally illuminated its dark bronze color. This also contains conditioning treatment for a larger diet and a bright improvement.
  • If you want to add your dark hair to blonde bronze lighting and receive the famous ombre look, you can use kits such as the L'Oreal -Schulter in the shadow 0T4 (Dark Medium Hair).

Note: Note that the DIY kits for supporters are designed for household use and have weaker results than professional hair coloring, which means that you can no longer switch the hair more than 2 zero colors less than whitish or gradually impose.

Gray bronze hair color

The color of the gray bronze hair is suitable for those who have red teen who want to look washed.

DIY Sugar Homes Kit Töne:

  • Garnier Nutrisse in the shade 72/Dark blonde
  • Revlon Colorsilk No Tom #40 Medium Cinzas Marrons
  • Color color Clairol in Shade604a/dark from dark gray

Caramel brown hair color

If you want to try out a warmer bronze tone that highlights the hot nuances of the skin of your face and is happy, the bronze of caramel is a great idea. There are some suggestions for coloring in the DIY House:

  • L'Oreal Excellence Creme in Ton 6cb/Clear Chestnut (a clear caramel tone with neutral nuances)
  • Garnier Nutionse Ultra Color in Tom B4/Chocolate Caramel (a caramel caramel and average light with copper shades)
  • L'O Oreal Hony Line in the shade 58/Bronze Shine (a very light caramel tone with light finish).

Take care of your bronze hair color

Bronze hair color does not require specialized hair colors such as red hair, but if you want to keep your vitality and rich bronze colors, general colors and glossy treatments, you should be ideal. You can try to keep a lively bronze sound:

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  • Redken Color extends into rich colors
  • Aveeno living color shines Mira
  • Madda Color keeps the strengthening of the treatment
  • John Frieda Shampoo and Conditioner by Brunette Hell
  • Tigi color goddess shampoo and conditioner
  • Schwarzkopf BC saving treatment

Is bronze like ronze?

Bronze hair color should never be confused with the fall of the hair color.Susan Roberts-Copper, A price for colorful hair and director of research and development of Madison Reed ",", ",", ",", ",", ",", "Ronze is a fascinating way to describe the combination of red hair and bronze. This trend has been around for some time, but now it is entering the mainstream.a little difficult to use"


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