17 of the most inspirational BTS lyrics that will resonate with everyone (2023)

There are many things to love about BTS, and it's easy to fall in love with the group's high-quality music, spectacular choreography, and adorable members. But one of the reasons BTS has become so popular is that people connect to their music on a deeply personal level: their songs are about following dreams, challenging norms, and facing self-doubt in order to stay true. Having overcome adversity to achieve their dreams, the members have an incredible gift for writing lyrics that inspire audiences across the world to do the same. No matter what stage of life you're in or what your hopes and aspirations are, here are some of our favorite BTS lyrics to inspire you:

1. „O!RUL8,2?“

"Who are you living for?
My heart stopped when I was nine or ten.
Put your hand on your heart and ask what your dream was
what it really was."

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For starters, we revisit the intro track to BTS's 2013 EP "O!RUL8,2?" RM's lyrics ask us to look inside and ask ourselves whatwewe want from our lives. With lyrics referencing a medical scare as a reminder not to underestimate our time, RM advises, "Never be late for what you want to do." your wake-up call!

2. "No More Dreams"

"What is the you that you dreamed of?
who do you see in the mirror i must say
follow your street
Even if you only live one day
Do something
Save your weakness."

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BTS' debut song boldly demands that we face up to and question who we want to be. The lyrics ask us what our dream is and urge us to truly live by finding our own way, instead of just going through life doing what we are told or expected.

3. "NO"

“Adults tell me difficulties are temporary
Wait a little longer, do it later
Everyone says no!
it can't be later
Don't get carried away by someone else's dream."

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In "N.O", the boys point out the injustice of an education system that puts intense pressure on students to be the best in school, teaching them to become learning machines instead of following their dreams. BTS wakes us up to the questionBecause.Why postpone these dreams? Why not say no?

4. "Drugs"

“I worked all night everyday
while you were partying

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If you really want something, all you have to do is work for it. Instead of wasting time with their free time, the members dedicated themselves to the music and perfected the choreography, and their efforts paid off!

5. "Continue"

"We were always hoarse with an uncertain future and worries,
See all the top performers at the year-end awards.
Let us not forget these things, but preserve them.”

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In this sweet and sentimental song about leaving the trainee dorm, the boys reminisce about their days as young idols. Although they managed to put aside some of the worries of the first few races, the boys decided not to forget the more difficult moments as time went on. After all, those struggles laid the groundwork for BTS' eventual success, although when the boys released this song in 2015, they had no idea just how much they would accomplish!

6. "Unfortunately"

"I believe in myself;
My back hurts so bad I'm growing wings."

In a song filled with beautiful imagery about letting go of fear and believing in your path, these lyrics are particularly inspiring. Sacrifice and effort can be heavy burdens, but they are the beginning of budding wings that will eventually grow so you can soar to new heights!

7. "Not today"

"If you can't fly, run.
Today we will survive.
If you can't walk, then walk.
Today we will survive.
If you can not walk, crawl".

Until you develop those wings, you may have to resort to other, less elegant methods to achieve your goals. But BTS doesn't care if you fly, run, walk or crawl: as long as you don't give up. Not today!

8. "Boys Having Fun"

"I'm getting weird.
You can't get to the top normally, baby."

Just an important reminder that part of what has allowed BTS to reach new heights of success is them letting their quirky and often awkward personalities shine through, and we should all be doing the same!

9. "Lost"

"I still believe, even though it's unbelievable:
get lost
It's the way to find that path.”

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Life isn't always easy, and sometimes you feel helpless and uncertain about how to achieve your dreams, or even what those dreams are. Let these lyrics from the song sung from the "Wings" album reassure you: in time you may find that you ended up getting lost trying to find your way!

10. "Introduction: The most beautiful moment in life"

"What I'm doing with my life?
This moment will never come again
I ask myself again, am I happy now?

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We could all probably ask ourselves these big questions from Suga's brooding intro track more often. It's a good reminder not to waste time, but to strive to live every moment as the best of life. (In case you were wondering, Suga's own answer to the question is this letter: "The answer is already there: I'm happy.")

11. "So what?"

"Halfway through, the moment you want to give up,
scream even louder:
It's at?"

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From her latest album Love Yourself: Tear, So What is a song about letting go of worries and fears. What if others judge you? What if you fail? You are not going to give up on your path because of these worries, so there is no point in having them, the only solution is to move on.

12. "Whatever"

"If you think you're going to fall, press the pedal harder.
forget, forget
Even though it's a thorny path, we walk it anyway."

Another robust rap intro from Suga, "Never Mind" delivers a powerful message about not letting your fears stop you. Suga tells us not to worry about crashing or getting hurt - go faster, run through spikes and chase your dreams!

13. "Paradise"

“Who said a dream has to be something grand?
just become someone
we deserve a life
Whatever it is, big or small, it's you after all.

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For all their talk of dreams, BTS reminds us in "Paradise" that not all of us need to strive for something as big as the boys' own ambitions. You don't have to want to be a superstar; You just have to be who you are and live the life that speaks to you.

14. "Morning"

“Follow your dream like a breakwater.
even if it breaks
Never run back, ever.
Because the sunrise just before sunrise is darkest."

On Tomorrow, BTS talks about the frustration and despair that can come with chasing your dreams. Despite these difficulties, the lyrics warn us to keep an eye on the price, for just as the dawn comes after the darkest part of the night, breakthroughs often come after the hardest trials!

15. "Spring Day"

"Morning will come again.
No darkness, no season is eternal."

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The lyrics of "Spring Day" continue the nature theme of "Tomorrow", gently but powerfully reminding us that no matter how dark things get, morning always comes last. If we wait for the cold winter of our troubles to pass, we will come to a source of our own.

16. „¡2! 3!"

"Okay, now count 1, 2, 3 and forget it.
Erase all sad memories.
Hold hands and smile."

When you're feeling down, this relaxing song from the Wings album will lift your mood in an instant. Instead of dwelling on sadness, count to three, smile and draw strength from the people around you.

17. "Magic Shop"

"I believe in your galaxy.
I want to hear your melody
the stars in your milky way
How will they appear in your sky?
Don't forget that I still found you.
At the end of my despair.
You are the last reason
For me, I was on the edge of the abyss.

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To conclude our list, "Magic Shop" is the latest BTS song in which the boys express their love and appreciation for ARMY. It's a poignant reminder that inspiration is a two-way street: as much as BTS motivates us to discover our hopes and reach our full potential, we inspire them with our energy, our galaxies and our music. Because we believe in them, they can inspire us to believe in ourselves.

Hey Soompiers, which BTS lyrics inspire you the most? Get inspired by sharing your favorites in the comments!

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