16 Romantic Ways to Say Bonito in Spanish (2023)

How do you say "beautiful" in Spanish?

There are many ways to articulate beauty in Spanish.

In this guide you will learn different words that you can use to call someone or something.Lindoin the tongue

Expand your romantic and expressive vocabulary with the list below.

Do you know any other ways to say beautiful in Spanish? Leave a comment below.

how do you say nice in english

Let's look at the different ways of saying something is beautiful (or beautiful) in Spanish.

Do any of these adjectives sound familiar to you?

1. Handsome / Handsome

Bonitoand its female equivalentBonitameans "beautiful" in English.

If you want to mention someone is handsome in Spanish you can useBonitoÖBonita(where you can useBonitofor masculine nouns andBonitaforfeminine nouns).

Beware of alternative meanings;BonitoIt can also mean “good” in Latin America, and this word means “tuna” in a culinary context.

2. Bonita/Linda

LindoÖHermosais a Spanish adjective meaning "beautiful".

When you want to say something is beautiful in Spanish, or someone is "beautiful" in Spanish, beautiful andHermosaare useful words.

LindojHermosacould also betranslated into Englishlike "beautiful" or "beautiful".

3. Handsome/Beautiful

You can useLindoÖLindato describe someone cute or handsome.

This Spanish adjective means "beautiful" and is similar to both masculine and feminine adjectives.BonitoÖBonita, so you can use it in similar contexts.

keep this in mindLindojLindaare Latin American adverbs that can mean "very", "good" or "skillful".

4. Bonito / Bonito

You can useBonitojBonitoto describe someone you find beautiful.

You will hear people use this adjective to describe people rather than objects or things.

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When you are in Spain you will hear peopleGreetingsYou with this Spanish word for beautiful.

they can tellHello BeautifulÖHi Beautysisters.

5. Handsome/Handsome

adjectivesBelloÖBelaboth mean beautiful.

You can use them to describe a person, object, place, or item that looks beautiful.

Remember,Bellois a masculine adjective that complements masculine nouns andBelais a feminine adjective that complements feminine nouns.

6. Radiant

The adjectiveradiantis a cognate translated into English as "radiant" or beautiful.

If you want to say someone is very handsome you can useradiant.

You can also use this adjective to say something is beautiful; its use need not be limited to humans.

There is no masculine/feminine variation for this Spanish adjective; carryradiantfor masculine nouns and persons andradiant(same adjective) for feminine nouns and persons.

7. Precious / Precious

Use the masculine adjectivevaluableto describe a masculine noun or a person you consider "beautiful".

Also use the feminine adjectiveArtto describe a feminine noun or a beautiful person.

ValuablejArtThey also have other meanings and can refer to "precious" items or things of significant value.

8. Attractive / Attractive

You can useattractivejattractivesimilarly you would use the English cognate "attractive"; means "beautiful" or "attractive"

You have the opportunity to use this Spanish adjective to describe a person, or a place or thing that sounds charming.

Remember to useattractivewith masculine nouns andattractivewith feminine nouns.

9. Legal notices

A translation of the Spanish adjectivepleasantwill give you "cool" or "cool".

In Spanish it means beauty and you can use this word to describe places, people and objects.

and use itpleasantTo describe a person it mainly means that he is "nice".

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Ifradiant, there is no male/female variation forpleasant.

Usepleasantfor masculine nouns andpleasant(same adjective) for feminine nouns.


Although you get "mono" as a translation of this Spanish adjective (and some other definitions),infectious mononucleosisjMonaare adjectives that mean "beautiful" or "great" in Spanish.

In Spain,infectious mononucleosisjMonameans "pretty".

infectious mononucleosisIt can also mean "overall" or "jumpsuit" in European Spanish.

if you go to...Parts spoken in SpanishIn the Caribbean you will hear this word used to describe debt and if you travel to Latin America you will hear this adjective for the color yellow.

11. Good / Good

you should already know thatgebjgebthey mean "good" in spanish, but they can also be used to describe beauty in spanish.

CombinegebÖgebwith the verbthey are,and you can change the meaning of your sentence to refer to someone who is very attractive.

For example, you can tell someoneThat's good, meaning "you're attractive" or "you're sexy."

Be careful - when using theVerb beTo describe someone, say that that person has good character or personality.

then sayYou're goodwhen you want to say that someone is "good" andThat's goodsay that someone is "attractive".

12. Great / Great

This partial affinity of the adjective is translated as "magnificent" in English, but you can use it to describe beauty in Spanish.

For example, if you want to say that the weather is perfect, you can saythe weather is great, meaning "the weather is excellent" or with the connotation "the weather is nice".

and use itexcellentÖexcellentto describe a person does not mean "beautiful" in Spanish.

Instead if you sayYou are greatmeans "you are great" or "you are great".

13. Empire / Empire

Save this Spanish adjective if you're in Latin America if you want to say someone or something is beautiful in Spanish.

in latin america,RicoÖRicomeans beauty and suggests that someone is cute.

RicojRicoare words that can mean "rich" in Spanish-speaking countries and refer to a wealthy person or persondelicious food.

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14. May / Maja

MayonnaiseÖHausare two slang adjectives that mean beautiful or attractive in European Spanish.

For example, if you want to describe an attractive man, useMayonnaise.

If you want to describe an attractive woman, useHaus.

MayonnaisejHausIt can also mean "beautiful".

For example, if you want to say that to someonehutit's good that you can say itIt's a magnificent chalet.

15. adorable

adorableis a related adjective meaning "enchanting" in English. You can use this adjective in Spanish to refer to a nice, handsome, handsome person, just like you would use "adorable" in English.

adorablehas no male and female variation.

you should useadorablein describing a handsome man andadorablein describing a beautiful woman.

16. Yummy / Yummy

You can useyummyto describe a charming person in Spanish.

Remember to useyummyin describing a man, andyummywhen describing a woman.

Remember that tooyummyjyummyare adjectives you can useDescribe food typesAlso, since these adjectives can mean "delicious".

Adjectives for beautiful: grammar rules to remember

Now that I've shared the list of adjectives for pretty, there are a few rules to remember when changing adjectives in Spanish, includingGender,Number, Ofexuberant modifications.

Gender changes for adjectives in Spanish

Let's look at gender.

When describing a masculine noun, combine it with an adjective that takes the masculine form.

For example, when saying that a house is beautiful, remember that "casa" is a feminine noun in Spanish.

When you say that an apartment is beautiful, remember that "apartment" in Spanish is masculine.

You can then accurately describe these things with the correct adjective:the house is beautiful,the apartment is good.

Numerical modifications of Spanish adjectives

Suppose you describe more than one apartment.

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In this case it is important to use the plural form of the noun.Apartmentsand the plural form of the adjective you use to describe them.

You can then form a sentence like this:The apartments are good.

Exuberant modifications of Spanish adjectives

If you're trying to be exuberant or want to make your description stand out, you can add-veryÖ-veryat the end of the adjective.

Useveryif you want to change a feminine adjective, andveryif you want to change a masculine adjective.

say something is beautiful in spanish

Why is it important to learn how to describe beauty in Spanish?

In addition to telling someone something is beautiful in Spanish and using a variety of descriptions that fit the situation, you can also compliment someone by saying they are beautiful.

Learning how to describe beauty in Spanish is a good idea to make friends and give someone a nice compliment.

As you can see, there are many ways to say something is beautiful in Spanish and the best way to remember these words is to use them.

Practice or maximum what I canto remember those words and brighten someone's day.

Say someone or something is beautiful in Spanish and notice how many words you remember!

What words for "beautiful" in Spanish would you like to see on this list?

Comment below!

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